The Portable Recorder

The Portable Recorder allows you to record from any computer, anywhere. Use it to record presentations on a guest’s computer, or on machines where you’re not allowed to install software.
Downloading the Portable Recorder
  1. Log into your TechSmith Relay website and select Client Downloads from the navigation bar.
    Select Client Downloads from the navigation bar
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Download Portable Recorder.
    Download the Portable Recorder

    Note: Your TechSmith Relay administrator may not have opted to make the Portable Recorder available. In this case, you will not see it listed on this page.
  3. Locate and extract the contents of the .zip folder ( This is likely saved in your system Downloads folder.
  4. Transfer the extracted folder to a storage device (such as a USB stick) with a minimum of 4GB free space.

  1. Plug the storage device into any computer.
  2. Open PC TechSmith Recorder (or Mac TechSmith Recorder if running Mac OS) from the portable storage device.Select PC TechSmith Recorder
  3. Enter your Presentation Details and Record when ready.
  4. When you’re finished, the button that in the standard recorder says “Submit” instead says “Save” in the Portable Recorder. This lets you know that you’re saving to the storage device, not submitting directly to the server.
    Portable Recorder recording review interface
Submitting Your Recording
  1. Bring your storage device to a computer that already has the regular TechSmith Relay Recorder installed.  This is needed in order for the upload process to work properly.
  2. Open the Portable Recorder from your storage device. TechSmith Relay Recorder will open, and let you know that it found saved presentations on the drive. You can choose to:
    Portable Recorder submission options
    • Cancel (select this if you'd like to make additional recordings)
    • Submit All of the presentations to the server for processing
    • View the Saved Presentations, to submit or discard them individually:
      Portable Recorder Saved Presentations dialog
    1. The Portable Recorder works together with the TechSmith Relay Recorder you have installed on your computer to submit the presentations to the server for processing.


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