Making Your First Recording


First time using TechSmith Relay Recorder? No problem. This tutorial covers key components of the recorder interface, walks you through the recording process, and shows you how to upload existing content to TechSmith Relay.

Below are the general steps for making your first recording with the TechSmith Relay Recorder:

  1. Launch the TechSmith Relay Recorder
  2. Log in
  3. Select an Audio Device
  4. Select a Webcam (optional)
  5. Select the Display
  6. Record Your Video
  7. Preview and/or Trim the Recording
  8. Submit Your Recording


Log into the TechSmith Relay Recorder

When you open the TechSmith Relay Recorder, you’ll be prompted to log in using your TechSmith Relay credentials. If you are unable to (or choose not to) log in when prompted, you can log in later by using the Log In button.

TechSmith Relay Recorder with the Log In button highlighted

Note: You must log in before you can submit any recordings you make.


Audio Devices

The TechSmith Relay Recorder can capture audio from your system as well as a single audio device, such as:

  • Built-in microphones
  • Analog microphones
  • USB microphones
  • Webcams

See also: Tested Microphones and Cameras

Select an Audio Device

  1. Connect your audio device to the computer before launching the TechSmith Relay Recorder.
  2. Launch the TechSmith Relay Recorder and click the Audio button.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder with the Audio button highlighted
    (The Select Audio Device dialog opens.)
  3. Click the desired audio device to select it. Note: You can only record from one device, and cannot change the device in the middle of a recording session.
    Select Audio Device popup window
  4. Click OK to close the dialog.

To record the audio that you hear played back by your computer, enable the Record System Audio checkbox. (This box is checked by default.) Note that you can record both system audio and audio from a single microphone.

Select Audio Device popup window with Record System Audio highlighted


Select a Webcam (optional)

To select a camera to record with your presentation:

  1. Click the Camera button in the recorder toolbar.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder with the Camera button highlighted
  2. The camera selection window appears. Choose a camera from the list. Select "Do not record camera" to turn off camera video recording.
    Camera selection popup with the Integrated Camera preview selected


  • During recording, the camera is not displayed on your screen. It will only be visible in the final video. Perform a test recording if you’d like to preview what your final video will look like.
  • The camera footage will appear in the lower right corner of your final video. The size and placement of the webcam recording is not customizable.


See also: Tested Microphones and Cameras


Select a Display

TechSmith Relay Recorder captures all of the action on a single display. If your computer has multiple monitors or is connected to a projector, you’ll need to specify which display to record.

To select a display:
  1. Click anywhere inside the Recording Preview.
    Recording Preview dialog options
  2. When you see the display selector, click the display you’d like to record. As you hover over a display in the selector, look for a red outline on your screen to help you identify the different displays.


Record Your Video

If you know what you’re recording ahead of time, such as capturing a lecture, you might choose to enter a video title and description ahead of time.

Title and Description fields

You can also enter this information after you’ve recorded and you are previewing your video.

Once you’re ready to begin your video, click Record.

TechSmith Relay Recorder Record button

While recording, TechSmith Relay Recorder captures everything on your screen, your selected webcam (optional), and the selected audio device.

Stopping the Recording

There are multiple ways to stop (or pause) a TechSmith Relay recording:

  • Use a hotkey
  • Stop the recording from the TechSmith Relay Recorder (this may be on a separate monitor or minimized to the taskbar or dock)
    TechSmith Relay Recorder Pause and Stop recording controls
  • Stop the recording from the system tray (Windows only)
    Windows 10 system tray open with cursor over TechSmith Relay icon

After you finish recording, the video is finalized and opens in the TechSmith Relay Review Window. Here, you can preview and/or trim your recording.


Preview Your Recording

After you finish recording your presentation, it opens in the TechSmith Relay Review Window:

TechSmith Relay Recorder Review window with various elements highlighted with text annotations


Trim the Recording

With the TechSmith Relay Recorder, you can lightly edit your video by removing extra footage at the beginning or end of the recording. Trim your presentation to remove any extra audio and video you do not want in your published video.

To trim a presentation:

  1. From the video preview, click Trimming to access the trimming tools.
    Trimming button with mouse cursor
  2. Move the playhead to the location you want to set as the beginning of the video and click the Set presentation start button.
    Trimming interface with cursor over the Set Presentation Start button
  3. Move the playhead to the location you want to set as the end of the video and click the Set presentation end button.
    Trimming interface with cursor over the Set Presentation End button

The red area of the timeline is cut from the presentation. Once you submit or save the recording, you permanently lose this part of the video.

If you want to remove the trim points, click Cancel (the red X button). This removes the trim points and closes the trimming tools.


Submit Your Recording

After you’ve had a chance to preview and/or trim your recording, as well as finalize the video title and description, click Submit to send the video to your TechSmith Relay server.

TechSmith Relay Recorder interface with the Submit button highlighted

What Happens After I Submit Media?

After you click Submit, your video is uploaded to the website.

  • The recorder connects with the server and returns a direct link to your video. You can use this link immediately, but note that your video may not be ready for viewing right away.
  • If you are connected to the Internet, the recording starts uploading. You’ll receive an email when your video has been processed and is ready for viewing.
  • If you are not connected to the Internet, the recording will automatically start uploading when you establish a connection.
  • You can check the status of your media on the TechSmith Relay website.
  • If your Internet connection is lost while the recording is uploading, the process is paused and continues when the device next connects to the Internet.



In the TechSmith Relay Recorder, hotkeys can save time and they also allow you to start, pause, and stop your recording without the audience seeing the TechSmith Relay Recorder during the presentation. Set Hotkeys for starting, pausing, and stopping recordings by selecting this option in the Recorder toolbar:

TechSmith Relay Recorder interface with the Hotkeys button highlighted


Update the TechSmith Relay Recorder

When a new version of the TechSmith Relay Recorder is available, an update notification appears in the recorder window.

  1. Click the Update button. (This button only appears when an update for TechSmith Relay Recorder is available.)
    Isolated Update button from the TechSmith Relay Recorder
  2. Click Get update.
  3. This will prompt you to run the update installer. Run the installer.

Check for Updates Manually

  1. Open TechSmith Relay Recorder
  2. From the Help menu, choose Check for Updates.


The Portable Recorder

The TechSmith Relay Portable Recorder will allow you to record on any computer where you're not allowed to install software. For more information, see the Portable Recorder tutorial.


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