Updating Your Profile


Let's personalize your TechSmith Account by customizing your profile picture and display name.

If you log in to TechSmith Relay using your organizational email account, Google account, or Twitter, TechSmith Relay may pull your profile picture from that service. In that case, to change your display picture, you have to log in to the service it’s pulling from and update your picture there. If you log in for the first time and your profile is a default silhouette, you can upload a picture from your computer to replace it.

Changing Your Profile Picture

  1. Log in to your TechSmith Relay website and click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner.
    screenshot of empty media library, arrow pointing to profile picture
  2. Once the profile tab expands, click My Account.
    This redirects you to your TechSmith account page.
    arrow pointing to My Account link
  3. From the Primary Profile section, click Change Photo.
    arrow pointing to Change Photo link
  4. Next, click Upload Picture to select an image from your computer.
    Update Your Profile Picture dialog with Upload Picture button
  5. Select a JPG or PNG to upload (max size 700k). It opens in crop mode.Click and draw your cursor to select an area of your picture, and preview it on the right. When you’re satisfied with your image, click Crop Image to save your changes and update your picture.
    Crop mode with preview

Changing Your Display Name and Contact Information

  1. Back on your Primary Profile section, click Edit.
    arrow pointing to Edit button from Primary Profile screen
  2. Here, you can edit the name associated with your account, your display name, as well as set up an alternative email address for password recovery or provide a phone number. When you’re finished, click Save Changes.
    Tip: Your display name will be associated with the media you upload to TechSmith Relay, and with the quizzes you take and videos you watch, so keep it recognizable.
    empty fields in Primary Profile Edit dialog, Save Changes button


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