Upload Existing Media


If you have existing media on your computer or a portable drive, you can upload those files directly to your TechSmith Relay library. This tutorial will show you how to upload media from both the website and the TechSmith Relay Recorder.


The most convenient way to upload existing media to your TechSmith Relay library is through the TechSmith Relay website. However, the web upload method comes with a few media requirements. If you have difficulty with the web uploader, please try uploading with the TechSmith Relay Recorder instead.

Uploading Media Directly in the TechSmith Relay Website

  1. Log into TechSmith Relay and make sure you're on the My Library tab.Screenshot of the TechSmith Relay website with the My Library tab highlighted

    Tip: You can upload media directly to a folder location if you navigate to that location before choosing Create > Upload Media.
  2. Click the Create button to expose additional options, then choose Upload Media.
    Screenshot of the Create button options, with Upload Media highlighted
  3. A modal window will appear. Drag files onto the center of the window, or choose Select Files to Upload to open a file browser.
    Screenshot of the Upload Media dialog window
  4. Select (or multi-select) the video and image files you'd like to upload. Then click Open.Screenshot of a Windows file browser with two files highlighted
  5. Leave the window open until all files have been uploaded sucessfully (indicated by a green highlight). You may then choose to upload additional files or close the modal window.
    Screenshot of a successful TechSmith Relay media upload

    Note: If you receive file errors, or otherwise are having trouble uploading a particular file, please refer to the Media Requirements.
  6. Your new media should now be available in your TechSmith Relay library.
    Screenshot of a TechSmith Relay library, with files from upload process highlighted


Uploading Media from the TechSmith Relay Recorder

If the video files you're trying to upload aren't quite web-ready, or if you're having difficuly uploading them using the website, you can use the TechSmith Relay Recorder to upload the files instead. Uploading media this way will send your media through the TechSmith Relay encoding process. Because files uploaded with the recorder are re-encoded by TechSmith Relay, they may not be immediately shareable. However, we recommend trying this method before attempting to re-encode the videos yourself.

Log into the Recorder

First, launch the TechSmith Relay Recorder, and Log In.

TechSmith Relay Recorder interface with Login button highlighted

Upload Media

  1. To upload media from your computer, click the Upload icon in the upper left corner.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder interface with the Upload button highlighted
  2. The Upload Media list will open. Click Add Media.
    Upload Media list with Add Media button highlighted
  3. Select (or multi-select) the video and image files you'd like to upload. Then click Open.
    Windows file explorer with two media highlighted
  4. Finally, if you'd like to edit the title or description for a file in the list, use the pencil icon. (You can also do this later on the TechSmith Relay site.)

    Click Upload All to add your media to TechSmith Relay library.
    Upload Media list with the edit pencil and the Upload all button highlighted
  5. Once your media has uploaded successfully, you will receive a confirmation message to let you know your media is being processed. 
    Submission confirmation dialog

    To view and manage uploaded media, log into your TechSmith Relay site and visit your library.

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