Upload Existing Media


If you have existing media on your computer or a USB, you can upload that content directly to your TechSmith Relay library using TechSmith's desktop recorders. This tutorial will show you how.

Using the latest version of the TechSmith Relay Recorder, you can upload media from your desktop or USB drive to your TechSmith Relay library.

If you use Snagit to create videos and images, check out this tutorial instead: Send Media from Snagit to TechSmith Relay.

Accepted file formats

  • Videos: MP4 and MOV
  • Images: GIF, JPG, and PNG

Prepare the Recorder

  1. Launch the TechSmith Relay Recorder, and log in.
    arrow pointing at Relay recorder Log In button
  2. Under the Help menu, choose Check for Updates. If there is an newer version available, please install it.
    Callout around Relay recorder Help menu, cursor on check for updates

Upload Media

  1. To upload media from your computer, click the Upload icon in the upper left corner.
    arrow pointing at the Upload button in the Relay recorder
  2. Click Add Media.
    arrow pointing at Add Media button
  3. Select or multi-select the video and image files you want to upload. Click Open.
    files highlighted in Windows Explorer, arrow pointing at Open button
  4. Finally, if you want to edit the titles and descriptions, you can do that here. (You can also do this later on the TechSmith Relay site.) Click Upload All to add your media to TechSmith Relay library.
    Arrow pointing at Upload All button
  5. Once your media has uploaded successfully, you will receive a confirmation message to let you know your media is being processed. You can view and manage uploaded media in your TechSmith Relay library.
    Confirmation dialog, your presentation was uploaded


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