Using Google for Account Creation


If members of your organization have Google Accounts, they can use Google Authentication to sign up for TechSmith Relay. In this tutorial, learn how to setup your TechSmith Relay website so users can sign in with a Google Account.

If members of your organization have Google accounts (even in cases where the email feature of the Google account is turned off), they can use Google Authentication to create a TechSmith account.

After TechSmith Relay is configured with the settings explained in the tutorial below, your users will be able to select the the Google option when they log in, and complete the authentication process by entering their Google account and password. Accounts created this way do not require the user to have an active email inbox, as the Google authentication takes care of account verification.

Creating an account through signing up with Google

Choosing an Account Creation Method

There are two authentication methods available in TechSmith Relay that allow users to sign in using a Google Account: Domain Email and Service Code.

Domain Email is a good choice if you know the domain(s) of your users’ Google accounts (e.g. Domain email also ensures that only members of your organization’s Google membership will be able to create an account on your TechSmith Relay website.

Service Code is a good method if you would like to have users with any email address log in to your website. Anyone you share a service code with can sign up and create an account. It is possible to create multiple service codes, and a service code’s access can be revoked. Revoking access of a service code will also revoke the access of any user that signed up for TechSmith Relay with that code. This is convenient if you have people outside of your organization that need to create accounts (e.g. Parents of students or clients outside your organization).

Setting Your Account Creation Method

  1. Log in to TechSmith Relay as an administrator, and go to the Site Admin tab.
    Arrow pointing to Site Admin tab
  2. Select Settings from the navigation on the left, and find the Login and new account information section, where the authentication option selected for your website will be displayed.
    Arrow pointing to Settings option. Rectangle outlining the Login and new account authorization section
  3. You can change the option by clicking ‘Change authentication method’ and selecting the desired authentication method from the dialog.
    TechSmith Relay authentication methods dialog

If you select Email Domain and would like help adding email domains, move on to the section below labeled Adding Email Domains.
If you select Service Code see the section below labeled Generating Service Codes to learn how to create service codes to share with your users.

Adding Email Domains

Under ‘Login and new account authorization’ settings, the list of email domains approved to create accounts is displayed.

List of accepted domains for logging in to TechSmith Relay

If your organization’s domain is not in the list, the steps below explain how it can be added.

  1. Click Add Domain.
    Clicking add domain
  2. Enter your organization’s domain, including the “@” symbol, and click ‘Add Domain’.
    Typing in the domain and clicking Add Domain
  3. Users will now be able to sign in to TechSmith Relay using their Google accounts.
    • It is helpful to inform users that they should select the Google option from the TechSmith Relay log in screen, pictured at the beginning of this tutorial.

Generating Service Codes

Under ‘Login and new account authorization’, the service codes that can be used to sign up for an account are displayed. Follow the directions below to generate new service codes.

  1. Click Generate service code.
    Clicking generate service codes
  2. A new service code appears in the service code list.
    Arrow pointing to the new service code in the list
  3. Your service code(s) can now be shared with users.
    • It is helpful to inform users that they should select the Google option from the TechSmith Relay log in screen, pictured at the beginning of this tutorial. After they have entered their Google account information, the page below will be displayed where they can enter the service code, accept the terms and conditions, and click ‘Sign Up’ to be taken to their personal media library.
      Service code sign up screen with code entered

Please note: If members of your organization have Google accounts, but the email feature is turned off, they will not receive the email notifications they normally would from TechSmith Relay (e.g. when a user is invited to a group and/or when new media is ready for viewing).

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