Add a New Version of a Video

Learn to upload a new version of your video and get more feedback.

plus icon

Add a New Version

Select Add New Version from the Version dropdown. You will be prompted to upload a video or image file.

Notify Reviewers

Select Manage Reviewers. Use the toggle switches to choose which reviewers to notify of the new version. Then, click Save and Notify to let reviewers know a new version is available.

If you are using a link to give reviewers access, you will need to notify them of the new version.

Manage Reviewers screen with toggle switches

delete a version

View or Delete Previous Versions

In the Version dropdown hover over the versions to view the trashcan icon. Click the icon to delete a version. The first version cannot be removed.

Version dropdown menu with trashcan icon to delete

View Latest Version

When viewing an older version, click the View Latest button to jump to the most recent version.

View Latest Button