Upload a Video for Review

Learn how to upload a video for review and invite others to start providing feedback.

Video review tile with a plus sign in the upper right corner

Start your first review

Click Start Review to upload a video or image file for review. Then, drag and drop the file to the dialog or click Browse for File to pick your file.


A generic calendar

Add a deadline and description

Let reviewers know by when you would like to receive feedback and the kind of feedback you are looking for with the deadline and description fields.

The deadline and description are included in the invitation email sent to reviewers.

Upload modal window with deadline and description fields

Two circles forming a link

Invite reviewers with a link

Decide whether you want to manually add people to the review or send a private link that allows reviewers to access the review without creating an account.

If you choose the link option, copy and send the link to people you want to review your video and then click done.

The manage reviewers modal window link

Account icon

Invite reviewers manually

To manually add reviewers, click Manage Reviewers and enter their email addresses with a comma separating them, then click add.

Once all email addresses have been added click Save and Notify.

Manage reviewers window