Video Review Made Simple

Video Review® lets you easily get clear feedback from stakeholders and streamline your review process.

Your simple review roadmap

It’s never been easier to do online video collaboration.

video review upload window video review upload window

1. Upload your video

send a video review link send a video review link

2. Send a review link

get video feedback get video feedback

3. Get clear feedback

New Features


Now you can create new versions! This makes it easier than ever to keep all of the feedback on a project in one place.

Camtasia output

Share videos directly to TechSmith Video Review from Camtasia to receive feedback and approval faster.

Updated video player

The improved player now gives you variable speed playback, volume control, and fullscreen playback.

Reviewer groups

Quickly add and save the reviewers that you commonly work with into a single group.

Mobile friendly

Content can be reviewed on a mobile device anywhere, anytime (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android).

Sharing options

Review links can now be set to either public or private (account login required).


Say goodbye to never-ending feedback cycles


  • Get email notifications when reviewers leave comments.
  • Let reviewers mark up videos with arrows and shapes to explain comments.
  • Mark comments as resolved.
  • Limit vague comments and back-and-forth email threads.
  • Finish videos faster.


Get your video reviewed in record time

TechSmith Video Review takes the pain out of getting feedback on your videos. Quickly get specific, actionable feedback from your peers and stakeholders on all your video projects.

Powerful video collaboration tools

Get relevant, practical feedback from colleagues and stakeholders, even if they aren't video experts.

Centralized and secure feedback

Keep feedback in one spot. Multiple reviewers can collaborate and discuss a video.

Faster approval and completion

Reviewers can comment and draw at any point on the timeline so they can get your video reviewed faster.

Get better feedback today

If you’re tired of sending your video out for review only to get back a bunch of unclear feedback, get TechSmith Video Review today. This powerful video commenting tool will streamline your review process.

Manage up to 25 video projects

Up to 15 reviewers per project

Free email and phone support

No bandwidth limits

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