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Individual Subscription

Billed Yearly
One‑year subscription to Camtasia.
30‑day money back guarantee

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Camtasia + Audiate


Billed Yearly
One‑year subscriptions to Camtasia and Audiate.
30‑day money back guarantee

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Camtasia + Assets + Audiate


Billed Yearly
One‑year subscriptions to Camtasia, Assets for Camtasia, and Audiate.
30‑day back guarantee

Site licenses for organizations

Whether you’re looking to purchase Camtasia for your entire team, department, or organization, our cost-effective site licensing model is designed to fit your needs.


Access for everyone

Unlimited Camtasia installs for your current employees, as well as growth up to 10%, if your headcount increases.

Locked-in pricing

No unexpected price increases. Lock in your price for the next three years and pay annually or in full.

Deployment resources and support

You’ll have access to resources that make Camtasia easy to deploy in any environment and a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager available at all times for onboarding, ongoing training, and support.