How we can help you

At TechSmith, we provide solutions to help you become more effective, no matter where you work, the size of  your organization, or what you're trying to accomplish.  Our products can help you share what can't be put into words, collaborate with others near or far, and easily access the content you make anywhere.

TechSmith in Education

TechSmith works with teachers, principals, superintendents, professors, industry leaders, IT coordinators, parents and students to learn about the challenges they face in education and how we can help address them with technology. We are focused on providing software solutions that are easy to use, flexible, practical and affordable for all levels of education.

TechSmith in the Workplace

We work with companies large and small. Businesses incorporate our products into their workflow to communicate both internally and externally, create business documents and training videos, and add value to their sales and marketing offerings. We are committed to proactively seeking solutions to help you work faster and smarter.