About TechSmith

Our mission: We empower people to create remarkable videos and images that help share knowledge and information.

TechSmith screen capture software and solutions are perfect for anyone who wants to create and share images and videos for better training, tutorials, lessons, and everyday communication.

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Delivering an outstanding customer experience

Screen Recorder & Video Editor


Screen Capture & Screen Recording


Communicate clearly with easy-to-learn tools


Create images and videos to give feedback, create clear documentation, and show others exactly what you see.

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Record your screen and edit videos with a powerful, yet easy-to-use video editor to create professional-looking videos.

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Text-based audio editing makes it easy for anyone to edit audio, and saves even professionals tons of time.

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Assets for Snagit

Over 400,000 royalty-free stamps, templates, and stock photos to create even better-looking instructional content.

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Assets for Camtasia

Over 900,000 royalty-free stock videos, music, and customizable assets to create stunning videos.

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Content Hosting, Organization, Team Collaboration, and Unlimited Sharing

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Our customer-first approach


Our products are easy to use by people who are not content creation experts. We know creating digital content to teach, train and explain concepts can be time-consuming. And learning new software can be intimidating.

That is why we are focused on creating easy-to-use software, along with providing expert training resources and unmatched support to our customers. 

Our customer-focused approach has made TechSmith the predominant choice for efficient and effective image and video creation in corporate and academic settings, especially for first-time digital content creators.

What Makes TechSmith Different?


Our flagship products Snagit and Camtasia are easy for anyone to learn. And with expert help content and support, you can quickly create visuals to show what you know.

Founded in 1987, TechSmith has experience that startups lack. Snagit and Camtasia are market leaders in screen capture and productivity categories. That’s why billions of images and videos have been created with our products by more than 65 million people across over 222 countries and territories.


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