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What is Audiate?

Audiate is a standalone audio editing and transcription software that uses AI-powered speech recognition to help you create professional-sounding audio quickly and easily.

Easy editing

There's no comparison between traditional audio editing methods and Audiate.

Traditional audio editing

Traditional Audio Editing Editing audio the old way means hours of hunting through the waveform to find mistakes. Zoom. Edit. Listen. Repeat.


Audiate With Audiate, your ums and ahs and repeated words and phrases are presented in plain text, making them easy to spot and remove.

Powerful, studio-quality features

Did you know that 95% of all people who record audio want to edit it? With Audiate, you have everything you need to sound professional without needing to be an expert in audio editing skills.

Audio to text transcription

Simply record your voice or import an audio file, and Audiate instantly transcribes it into an editable text document.

Silence hesitations and remove mistakes

With just a few clicks, take out awkward silences or remove mistakes and hesitations.

Create and export closed captions

Save your transcript as an SRT file for easy closed captions that you can add to your videos.

Noise remover

Reduce distracting background noises, like fans, air conditions, or electrical hums with one simple control.

Volume leveler

Use the Volume Leveler to create a consistent sound level throughout the recording.

Audio equalization

Apply a preset or manually adjust properties to make even your laptop mic sound full and clear.

Remove distortions

Reduce clipping and distortion on recordings that would otherwise be unusable from improper input levels.


Smooth out the sound of your recordings by reducing harsh "ess" sounds, making your voice over easier to listen to.

Plosive remover

Remove distracting p-pops or plosives from p, b, and t sounds in your recordings.

File formats

Audiate lets you upload and download audio files in formats you already use.


.wav .mp3 .m4a .mp4


.wav .mp3 .m4a .txt .srt

How Audiate works

Editing audio with Audiate is literally as easy as 1-2-3.

Cursor clicking a record button.

1. Record or upload your audio

Watch as your audio is instantly transcribed into written words on the screen.

Editing audio in TechSmith Audiate.

2. Edit with ease

Quickly find and remove mistakes just like you're editing a text document. Apply any of the audio enhancement features to make your voice sound professional.

Illustration of a WAV file to indicate saving audio.

3. Save for import or captioning

Save your recording to import into Camtasia or wherever you use voice over audio or captions.

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FAQFrequently asked questions

How do I convert text into video captions?

Simple! Once you've recorded or imported audio, you can export the transcription by going to File > Export Script. Audiate lets your export your text as an industry standard .srt file or a .txt file.

What file formats does Audiate support?

Import: .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4
Export: .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .txt, .srt

Can I edit audio and video files simultaneously?

At this time, it is not possible to edit audio and video files simultaneously in Audiate.

How does the transcription tool work?

Audiate connects with a cloud-based speech to text service that transforms your recorded or imported audio into editable text. Once the transcript is complete, the text is returned to your computer where it is stored locally and displayed in Audiate.

Is there a limit to the amount of transcriptions I can do in a month?

While the transcription service is not limited, we do monitor volume for signs of abuse. An example might be when a user exceeds 1,000 minutes per month (which is a LOT).