Save time. Sound professional.

The easiest way to edit audio

Audiate makes recording and editing your voice as simple as editing text in a document.


Edit audio like text

Cursor clicking a record button.

1. Record your voiceover

Record or import your narration, and Audiate will automatically transcribe it.

Editing audio in TechSmith Audiate.

2. Edit with ease

Quickly find and remove mistakes just like you’re editing a text document.

Illustration of a WAV file to indicate saving audio.

3. Save recording

Save your recording as a WAV file for use in Camtasia or wherever you use voiceover audio.

Instant transcription and text-based audio editing

Improve the sound of your voice with the click of a button

Enhance the sound of your voice with Audiate’s new, easy-to-apply effects like Noise Reduction, Volume Leveler, EQ, and more. Get the professional sound you want without hours of trial and error.

Edit audio like it's text

Audiate transcribes your recording and lets you edit it like text in a document.


Easily silence or remove mistakes and hesitation

Did you stumble on a line? Say “um” or “ah” while recording? No more hunting through waveforms for hours. Audiate shows you where and lets you silence or remove any mistakes with a couple of clicks.

Perfect your recording

When you need more control, use the waveform editor to fine tune your recording before exporting for use with your videos and other media.

Cursor hovering on the Export Script option in Audiate File menu.

Export your captions

Save your transcript as an SRT file for captioning your Camtasia video.

New Features Coming Soon!

A subscription to Audiate gets you all the new features as soon as they are released.

Audiate and Camtasia icons with arrows indicating sharing of content.

Camtasia Sharing

Share audio recordings between Audiate and Camtasia for a seamless creation experience.

Slide settings icon.

Improved Editing & Creation

Helpful workflows, more controls, and editing efficiencies designed to help you create your perfect voiceover.

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