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TechSmith software lets you create everything from simple guides to complete training video courses. Get started today and find a better way to create and deliver training content.

Professionals love Camtasia and Snagit

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5 "Has made my job easier"

I am working on producing in-house training videos for staff, and Camtasia has made my job much easier. The more I learn, the happier I get.

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5 "Great features"

Love Snagit. This a great tool for creating job aides, manuals, and training materials. The video is a great way to train.

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5 "Excellent training tool"

Camtasia is probably one of the best purchases that I've made in the past couple of years. It has reduced the number of technical callbacks by almost 50%!

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5 "Great flexibility"

This is my latest upgrade of Snagit. I have been using it for 10 years. It is very easy to use and can make learning materials clear and suitable for a wide variety of situations. Also good for making training videos.

Award-winning training software

TechSmith's software is regularly recognized as the best in the industry. In 2021, Camtasia was awarded the "Employee Training Solution of the Year" by the RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards.


Snagit and Camtasia Bundle



One lifetime license of Snagit and Camtasia + first year of Maintenance

Save money when you buy the TechSmith Bundle.

Create content for every employee training need

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Employee training videos

Turn any training into an on-demand experience. Create video series, convert presentation slide decks to videos, and use templates to achieve a a consistent look and feel.

Guides & documentation

Snagit is the fastest way to capture anything on your screen and add markup to increase clarity. Create top-notch reference materials and handouts by combining multiple images in visual instructions and guides.

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Deliver on-demand training across your organization

Employee orientation

Get new employees up to speed quickly. Create a library of orientation resources to help new employees learn critical information about your organization.

Departmental goal sharing

Leave no one out of the loop when you offer key information in videos and other materials that can be referenced any time, anywhere.

Software implementation

You invest in key technology and software systems, but the return comes from efficient use by employees. Create training that ensures everyone knows how to use them.

Product and service training

Make sure everyone knows the ins and outs of your product, service, or offering. This is great for sales, customer service, and marketing departments.

Administrative procedures

With systems and procedures for work tracking, time off, accounting, and more, there is always something forgotten. Create reference videos and end the repetitive questions.

Benefits enrollment

Every year, HR has to reacquaint the entire organization to the open enrollment process. Videos and guides that can be quickly updated lessen the yearly headache.

Three steps to better employee training

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1. Get the TechSmith Bundle

Get the Camtasia and Snagit bundle for you and your team.


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2. Create on-demand training content

Create videos, guides, and other content for on-demand, virtual, and in-person training.

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3. Train more people in less time

Break free of in-person training formats and find more time and flexibility for you and your team.

TechSmith is the industry leader

G2 Top 50 Office Products - Best Software Awards 2022

TechSmith Snagit and Camtasia are rated among the best screen and video capture software by G2's community of reviewers.


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Snagit and Camtasia Bundle



One lifetime license of Snagit and Camtasia + first year of Maintenance

Save money when you buy the TechSmith Bundle.

Snagit and Camtasia Bundle


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