Humanize Online Learning

A Simple Video and Image Solution for Online Learning

We help you provide asynchronous learning and create connected, active, and engaging online classes with images and videos.

  • Provide self-paced visual learning.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Connect with students online.
  • Build an active community.
  • Add interactivity to course content.
  • Slice content for easy consumption.
  • Give personalized video feedback.
  • Measure student success with analytics.
  • Ensure accessibility at all times.
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Create videos and 
supplemental materials

Easy creation makes it simple 
for educators to create 
content regardless of technical 
skill level.

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Make content accessible and engaging

Use automatic ADA compliance checks and deliver videos that meet WCAG 2.0 guidelines with captions and audio description tracks.


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Connect with your students

Build active online learning communities that connect  students to their classmates, faculty, and instructors.

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Get a customized solution that fits your educational institution

We’d love to talk with you to find a solution that best fits the needs of your entire institution. We offer educational discounts and a variety of scalable licensing options ideal for large groups or entire schools, colleges, and universities.

Educational Video Platform


(formerly TechSmith Relay)

  • Create and share engaging content
  • Make your content accessible
  • Share video content and discuss it with students and peers
  • Use in-video quizzing to conduct formative assessments
  • Provide feedback and answer questions

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Screen Recorder & Video Editor



  • Use video templates to create polished and elegant content for classes
  • Easily turn PowerPoint presentations into video lessons
  • Edit videos to enhance the power of your content 

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Screen Capture & Screen Recording



  • Capture images for presentations
  • Create animated GIFs to enhance your content
  • Leverage pre-made templates to create supplemental course materials and handouts

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“We needed something that was going to be incredibly user friendly.”

Dr. Jeanna Cronk, Co-Director, Center for Excellence, Northwood University

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TechSmith Camtasia

Gold Winner in the E-Learning Authoring Category

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TechSmith Camtasia

Gold Winner in the Captioning Tools Category


Frost & Sullivan 2019 Lecture Capture Market Leader


Frost & Sullivan 2020 Lecture Capture Market Leader

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How to Effectively Shift to Online Teaching [Free Guide]

Download our ultimate guide on how to humanize course content, leverage asynchronous learning, and transform your online teaching.