Visual Communication for Modern Businesses

TechSmith helps you create visuals that speed up and clarify communication across your company.

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How Much Productivity Could You Recover?

Visual communication saves real money

TechSmith tools can help an average company of around 250 employees recover nearly $300,000 in productivity per year. Try our ROI calculator and learn what it could mean for you, or read the report.

Visual communication is how work gets done

Makes work easier

Employees are better at completing tasks when directions includes text with images, screenshots or video compared with text alone.

The new direction of business communication

Social media and web communication is becoming more effective with the help of images and videos. Is your business keeping up?

Across departments, across the world

Visual communication helps employees communicate with each other throughout organizations and the world. It can even bridge language barriers.

The value of visual communication

Learn the role of visual communication in the modern workforce, the time and money savings it offers, and why it’s so important in hiring and retaining the next generation of employees.

TechSmith solutions make the difference

Modernize company communications

Create personalized videos, use images to demonstrate things in detail, and make sure your message always gets across by using screenshots, videos, gifs and other visuals.

Create cost effective training

It’s not affordable to outsource every piece of training content, and working with third parties can be difficult. Snagit and Camtasia make it possible for you to create your own company training resources.

TechSmith always has your back

We provide tools that let you customize how our products behave in your environment and support to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Ready to make visual communication a part of your business? We’ve got pricing to fit your needs.