Visual Communication for Modern Businesses

TechSmith helps you create visuals that speed up and clarify communication across your company.

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Visual communication makes a difference

Graphic of 67% portion filled.

Employees complete tasks better when instructions are provided visually.

Seven percent faster graphic.

Information is absorbed faster when it is presented in visual form.

1200 dollars gained graphic.

Companies could recover more than $1200 in productivity per employee per year by using more visuals in workplace communications.

See how much productivity you can recover with the ROI calculator

Choose a country, region, or the global option and we'll show you how much productivity your organization could recover by communicating with visuals.


How Much Productivity Could You Recover?

TechSmith’s cross-platform solutions improve communication in every organization

Screenshots, screen recording, image editing, and easy sharing. Site Licenses allow everyone at your company to use Snagit. 

Screen recording, tutorials, training videos, easy editing, and videos with a professional touch. Anyone can do it with Camtasia.

Equip your organization with both Snagit and Camtasia. The bundle saves you money and gives employees access to the tools they need most. 

TechSmith solutions make the difference

Modernize company communications

Create personalized videos, use images to demonstrate things in detail, and make sure your message always gets across.

Create cost effective training

Outsourcing training content is costly and working with third parties can be difficult. Snagit and Camtasia make it possible for you to create your own company training resources.

TechSmith always has your back

We provide tools that let you customize how our products behave in your environment and second-to-none customer service and support to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The value of visual communication

Learn the role of visual communication in the modern workforce, the productivity it generates, and why it’s so important in hiring and retaining the next generation of employees.

Ready to make visual communication a part of your business? We have pricing to fit your needs.