Resources for IT Admins and Company Leaders

For IT: Deployment | System Requirements | MSI Configuration | Documentation
For Leadership: Training & Certification | Webinars | Decision Maker Resources

IT Admin Deployment and Documentation

MSI Configuration and Deployment Assistance Tool

Use the TechSmith Deployment Tool to control what is and is not enabled in Snagit and how Snagit and Camtasia behave in your environment (Windows only).

Deployment tool guides

Manage your Snagit and Camtasia deployments.

MSI installers

Deploy our products throughout your organization.

MSI installation guides

These guides are designed for system administrators who want to customize and deploy Snagit and Camtasia installations across a network.

Install Snagit on Remote Desktop Services

This guide provides two examples of custom configurations to help you deploy Snagit 2019 or later within your organization using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Snagit App-V Sequencing

This guide is for IT professionals wanting to virtualize Snagit 2018 using Microsoft App-V version 5.1 or later.

Deploy Snagit 2019 Using the SCCM Console Uninstaller Tool

This guide demonstrates how to deploy Snagit and remove previous versions using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. If you wish to configure other options in your deployment, view the deployment tool guide above.

Resources for Leadership and Decision Makers

Snagit Across the Enterprise

A quick way showcasing how Snagit can bring ROI to various departments.

Why the Snipping Tool Isn't Good Enough

Share this PDF with those who may think employees can get along just fine with the Snipping Tool. 

Snagit and Camtasia: Who Needs These Tools and Why

What kinds of tasks and deliverables are Snagit and Camtasia best suited? How do different departments use the tools?

Training & Certifications

Snagit Tutorial Videos

Download all of our Snagit tutorial videos in a single ZIP file.

Camtasia Tutorial Videos

Download all of our Camtaisa tutorial videos in a single ZIP file.

Online Certification Courses

Snagit and Camtasia certification courses.


Free regularly scheduled webinars for beginner and advanced users.

For Software Developers: Integration Guides

Incorporate Snagit in your application

You can easily incorporate Snagit’s screen capture functionality into your organization’s proprietary applications.

Snagit COM samples

Get sample projects in various programming languages that demonstrate how to use Snagit to take image captures and video recordings from your own application.