Leadership Team


William Hamilton

William Hamilton — Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

William (Bill) Hamilton is co-founder and Chairman of the Board at TechSmith.

As Chairman of the Board, Bill is focused on TechSmith’s strategic partnerships. He is also working alongside the company’s executive leadership team to shape and drive the company’s global product strategy.

Wendy Hamilton

Wendy Hamilton — Chief Executive Officer

Wendy is a values-first leader and is committed to the practice of putting customers first. She is focused on leveraging her more than 25 years of experience in product innovation, growth strategy, and global leadership to expand TechSmith's leading position in the visual communication space.

Kevin Irwin

Kevin Irwin — Chief Financial Officer

Kevin is responsible for providing analytical and financial acumen to help drive profitability and growth for TechSmith. Prior to TechSmith, Kevin held various positions within finance for Wolters Kluwer, ACI Worldwide, CIT Group, and Intel Corporation over the past 20 years.

tony lambert

Tony Lambert — Chief Technology Officer

Tony has been with TechSmith since 2002 and leads the Engineering, IT, and Security teams. Previous to TechSmith, Tony worked for the USGS and brings a combined 25 years of experience in IT and software to the role of CTO. Before his current role, he worked for TechSmith as a software engineer, lead developer, software architect, Chief Architect, and VP of Client Engineering. His passion lies in finding the balance between technical excellence and product delivery through the creation of empowered engineering teams.

Amy Casciotti

Amy Casciotti — Vice President, Human Resources

Amy is focused on being an advocate for both the company and its employees to ensure TechSmith and its staff have the skills needed to continue to move the company and employee engagement forward. She is also a customer advocate, ensuring TechSmith does right by both their employees and customers. Amy has also held roles across the company since joining TechSmith in 1995.

Tony Dunckel

Tony Dunckel — Vice President, Product

Tony joined TechSmith in 2002 and has held roles as Vice President of Web and Enterprise Services and Product Manager. In addition to his experience at TechSmith, Tony also worked in development and product management roles for Fortune 500 companies, such as EDS and Fidelity National Financial.

Dewey Hou

Dewey Hou — Vice President, Revenue Systems

Dewey is responsible for improving purchase, entitlement, provisioning, and management systems for TechSmith products and services. Dewey joined TechSmith in 1990 as a software developer and has held various engineering and management roles.

Michelle Massey

Michelle Massey — Vice President, Community and Customer Operations

Michelle is responsible for maximizing the impact of the customer experience and growing TechSmith's philanthropic impact in K-12 education. Michelle joined TechSmith in 2021 and has more than 25 years of information technology industry experience. Michelle received the 2021 ATHENA Leadership Award and Downtown Lansing Inc.’s Downtown Dreamer award for her contributions to the Lansing community.

Sherri Powers

Sherri Powers — Vice President, Marketing

Sherri leads TechSmith's global marketing strategy and takes pride in facilitating a culture of innovation and creativity that supports widening the awareness and adoption of TechSmith’s globally loved, industry-leading software while supporting the career growth and learnings for those within the marketing team. Sherri carries 15 years of strategic marketing and branding experience across various video technology brands.

Troy Stein

Troy Stein — Vice President, Customer Advocacy

Troy has held multiple roles across TechSmith since joining in 2002, including Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Senior Innovation Strategist, Product Manager, Business Architect, and Solutions Architect. Prior to TechSmith, Troy launched a software company and was a program manager at Cisco Systems. 

Daniela Maurer, TechSmith Vice President of Sales

Daniela Maurer — Vice President, Sales

Joining TechSmith in 2008, Daniela Maurer transitioned from an Inside Sales Specialist for the German-speaking region to her current position as Vice President of Sales. With her Swiss roots with her experiences in the United States, Daniela values the opportunity to build global connections and collaborate with colleagues worldwide, enriching her professional life and forming lasting friendships. In her role, she oversees the EMEA and North American Education sales teams, utilizing her commitment to lifelong learning, shared knowledge communities, and global connectivity to inspire and guide her leadership approach.