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Create videos

Knowmia makes it easy to create and share videos for learning.

Connect and Engage

Get the conversation started with video commenting or measure engagement using custom quizzes.

Keep track of it all

Knowmia's assessment dashboard and video analytics are designed to help you keep track of student progress and plan your next lesson.

Video and magic wand icon for easy creation.

Easy creation

Create and share video with ease by recording full screen or a region, PPT, document, or camera video. Swap between a webcam and screen video. 

Upload to cloud icon.

Simple upload

Upload existing videos already created from PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices. 

Quizzing icon.


Engage students with the content and assess understanding by adding multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and short answer questions.

Odometer icon.

Assessment dashboard

Get feedback on the effectiveness of your content. View individual and overall scores for each quiz and question.

Video film strip with scissors icon indicating editing.

Edit a little or a lot

Edit videos quickly by cutting or trimming anywhere using Knowmia's web based editor. Need more? Take videos to the next level with Camtasia’s powerful, yet easy to use editing features. (A Camtasia license is required)

Silhouette of person indicating speaking.

Speech to text captioning

Knowmia includes the most accurate speech to text caption service available. Automatically generate closed captions for your videos and make quick edits with the easy to use caption editor.

Youtube icon in blue.

Import from YouTube

Curate videos from YouTube to share with students. Import YouTube videos from within Knowmia then add assessments and view analytics.

Speech bubbles indicating conversation icon.

Video conversations

Turn a passive viewing experience into a rich class conversation with timeline based commenting. Add conversation starters, or let students discuss the content organically.

Bar and line graph indicating analytics.

Video analytics

See how much of each video is viewed. Reset data from semester to semester to make it easy to track current classes and students.

ADA letter icon.

ADA compliance check 

The only product available with automatic checks to make sure your captions meet ADA compliance guidelines. Simply click in the caption editor to jump to captions that need to be corrected.

Content management icon depicting files going into a folder.

Simplified content management

Manage your video and image content in a secure media library.  

Infinity icon

Unlimited videos and views*

Never worry about usage limits like too many videos in your account or too many views on your videos. Create, upload, and share all you need.

*Subject to the Knowmia Terms of Service

  • Provide asynchronous learning experiences.

  • Guide productive conversations on video and media.

  • Measure content effectiveness and student performance.

  • Build active class communities online.

Illustration of a faculty person surrounded by elements of humanized asynchronous learning represented by graphics.

"Now they can actually see the solution versus just trying to read it through an email."

Deb Steiner, Full-Time Faculty, Math and Statistics, Northwood University

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Unlimited videos and views*
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Unlimited videos and views*
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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Who is Knowmia for?

Knowmia is great for anyone who needs to create or host video or image content for asynchronous viewing. It's perfect for teachers, educators, trainers, and even entire institutions.

Content creators can add auto-generated captions that can be edited and checked for ADA compliance. Content owners can also insert in-video quizzes/polls, and track progress with viewer analytics. Viewers can leave time-linked comments or questions on the video timeline, providing a great way to have an asynchronous and engaging conversation within a video!

Do I need Snagit or Camtasia to use Knowmia?

No. While Snagit and Camtasia can be used to create content for Knowmia, Knowmia offers a built-in recorder. You can also upload existing videos and images to Knowmia. 

How is Knowmia different from Screencast?

Knowmia and Screencast both provide a way to capture, host and share videos and images. However, Knowmia is a new tool that provides even more functionality to make your content more engaging and accessible for your viewers.

Some of the main capabilities of Knowmia that are not found in Screencast include:

For more details on the differences between Knowmia and Screencast, please visit our Support site.


What file formats can I upload?

Knowmia supports the following file formats.

  • Video file formats (maximum file size of 4GB per file):
    • MP4
    • MOV
    • AVI
    • WMV
  • Image formats (with minimum height and width of 200 pixels):
    • PNG
    • JPG
    • GIF
  • For audio description tracks, Knowmia supports:

Can Knowmia be used outside the United States?

Yes, absolutely. Please be aware that all content is uploaded to servers in the United States at this time. Additionally, all components of Knowmia Pro, including support materials, are in English only. This includes the auto captioning functionality and caption editing. There is a 30-day, fully functional trial to determine whether Knowmia Pro exceeds your expectations.

System Requirements

To use the recorder within Knowmia Pro, use a machine with the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows
    • Windows 10
    • Internal or external microphone
    • 10 GB of free hard drive space per recording hour
    • Camera video recording requires a USB web camera or internal web camera. Digital video (DV) cameras and capture cards are not supported.
  • Mac
    • macOS 10.15 or newer
    • Internal or powered external microphone
    • 10 GB of free hard drive space per recording hour
    • Camera video recording requires a USB web camera or internal iSight. Digital video (DV) cameras and capture cards are not supported.

Web Browsers
To view videos and manage your TechSmith Knowmia library, please use one of the following supported browsers:

  • Desktop
    • Chrome (latest version)
    • Firefox (latest version)
    • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
    • Safari (latest version)
    • Internet Explorer 11
  • Mobile
    • iOS Devices: Safari (latest version)
    • Android Devices: Chrome (latest version)


Answers to even more Knowmia FAQs can be found on our support site.