How will Snagit help you?

Sometimes you need more than words to explain something. Snagit lets you quickly create videos and images that will change the way you teach others, provide feedback, document, and more.

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Create Powerful Content

Capture still shots or video of your computer screen, quickly import photos and video from your mobile device with TechSmith Fuse, and customize them to add impact with Snagit and Camtasia.

Collaborate With Others

Easily create and share video content with your entire organization using TechSmith Relay. Keep everyone on the same page and review at-a-glance analytics to see how it's going.

Access Content Anytime

Always be ready to share your ideas. With outputs in Snagit and Camtasia and organization-wide sharing with TechSmith Relay, TechSmith makes it easy to access your content anytime, anywhere.

For Education

Make a real impact on your students’ learning experience. TechSmith has tools and ideas that will help you spend more quality time working with your students.

For The Workplace

Grow your business. TechSmith can help you stand out from the competition with tools to help you create content that will grab your customers’ attention.

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