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An organization-wide learning solution, TechSmith Relay gives anyone the ability to record and share videos as well as measure their effectiveness. TechSmith Relay includes an easy-to-use desktop and mobile recorder, built-in quizzing and analytics, plus media hosting that helps you manage videos. 

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With TechSmith Relay, you'll not only get an easily-scalable video capture software and storage solution from a company that's been a leader in visual communication for over 25 years, but you'll also be matched with a dedicated customer care team. We'll guide you through deployment, provide training and documentation, answer questions, and work alongside you to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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Find all the resources you need for our self-hosted video capture software here.

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TechSmith Relay includes a wide range of tools that work for everyone.

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For organizations based outside of the U.S., TechSmith Relay offers a self-hosted option.

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