Who We Are

At TechSmith, we believe success comes from constant innovation and everyone working together as a team. We continually explore and discover new opportunities; we're always moving forward. Delighting our customers is important to us, and when making any decision, we always consider the impact on our customers.

TechSmithies at a trade show

Core Traits

Regardless of context we are authentic, honest, and humble in our approach. We help celebrate our customers’ successes and learn from their collective experience. And when we hire, we look for candidates with certain characteristics. To be successful at TechSmith, all employees should be exhibiting these:

  • Integrity
  • Self Motivation
  • Intelligence
  • A "Gets Things Done" Attitude
  • Passion

What Makes Us Who We Are

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Team Focused

  • Understanding how your actions impact your teammates and TechSmith as a whole
  • Being willing to both help other team members and accept help when needed
  • Respecting all of your co-workers
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  • Being customer focused and seeking to meet customer and business needs
  • Finding and sharing new solutions to customer problems
  • Finding and sharing new solutions to team problems
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Good Communicators

  • Listening to learn
  • Sharing effectively
  • Efficiently transferring knowledge
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Always Improving

  • Learning from your own mistakes
  • Learning from others' mistakes
  • Striving to make good things better
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Go Getters

  • Taking initiative
  • Actively taking on more responsibilities
  • Taking ownership of your projects and actions
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  • Expressing your opinions when appropriate
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Challenging actions inconsistent with these values