Jing (Windows) should start downloading automatically...

Download Jing (Windows)  if it didn't. Or go get the Mac version of Jing.

Where you'll find the installer just downloaded:

Google Chrome

in Chrome

it's at the bottom of the window

Internet Explorer

in Internet Explorer

it's at the bottom of the window


in Firefox

it's from the toolbar

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Try some awesome tutorials that will make you a rockstar!

Guitar and music ability not included, but your co-workers will still think you’re pretty amazing.

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Need help?

We’ve searched far and wide for some of the best tech support people in the Mitten State. You’re in good hands.

Looking for something with a little extra oomph? Try Snagit!

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Limitless screen recordings

Get rid of that pesky 5-minute limit on screen recordings. Record as long as you want with Snagit!

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Scrolling capture

Capture everything on a page, even if it's not showing on the screen. All it takes is just one click.

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More ways to edit

Snagit comes stocked with customizable arrows, blur, colorful speech bubbles, and more to mark up your screen captures.