Government License Qualifications

Do you qualify for special pricing?

Governmental entities at any level and in any country qualify for discounted pricing.

In the U.S., this includes federal, state, and local agencies. Military veterans and government-owned workstations used by contractors also qualify for this discount.

Registered non-profit organizations in any country qualify for discounted pricing.

In the U.S., non-profits are generally designated with 501(c)(3) status by the IRS.

We do not require proof of government/non-profit status before ordering, but reserve the right to conduct a check of your qualifications at any time.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact us via the TechSmith Sales Form or call 888.750.0685 (U.S. and Canada) or +1.517.381.2300 (International).

Can tax-exempt purchases be made in the TechSmith Government Store?

Tax-exempt purchases cannot be made through our online store. Any sales tax charged will be indicated once your billing and/or shipping address has been entered during checkout.

Tax-exempt individuals and entities can request a refund of the tax paid on an order. We will need a copy of your tax-exempt certificate and the billing or shipping address on the order must match the address on the certificate. Please include your order number or a copy of your receipt or invoice. You can fax a copy of your certificate, with order number or invoice to 952.253.8760.

This is not applicable to any taxes other than US sales tax.

If you'd like to place your tax-exempt order over the phone, please feel free to call our sales department at 888.750.0685. If you have any questions, feel free to call or use our TechSmith Sales Form.

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