The 2024 Workplace
Flexibility Trends Report

New data reveals workers do not feel supported amidst changing work environments. It's time to empower people to get their best work done, no matter where or when it happens.


Image of calendar with people organizing it.

Find the right balance between
employer and employee preferences

A structured approach is important for company health – implementing flexible best practices can make your company stand out from the rest.


of companies have not adopted best practices for how they work across distances. 


of employees feel their employer has adequately supported them in changing how they work.

of managers are in office– a disproportion compared to 27% of their counterparts.


Manage meeting madness

Rethinking meeting design and attendance could significantly increase engagement , increase productivity, enhance equity, cut down on unnecessary meetings, reduce stress, and improve the employee experience.

Image of high-value and low-value meeting statistics.

Meetings need purpose and value

Decision-making meetings were considered of high value significantly more than any other type of meeting. Ad Hoc meetings are the least valued.

Workflow interruptions come at a steep cost

Whether monetary or mental, interruptions have a profound impact on how we work.

$1 million

the lost productivity cost of six unwanted interruptions a day for a company with 1,000 employees.


of respondents indicated that unwanted interruptions reduced their productivity or increased their stress more than six times a day.

2x more
likelihood of in-person employees being interrupted 25 times a day compared to hybrid workers.

Image of a chart depicting the relationship between travel and meeting attendance.

Make a difference with visual collaboration

Clear communication is critical for company success – and employees are curious about the impact visuals can make.

of employees believe email could replace over a quarter of their  meetings.

of respondents prefer emails containing images or videos to plain text.

of respondents use video messaging sometimes or often.

Image of woman working at a desk with a laptop.

Empower people to do their best work

Stop worrying about time zones and attendance requirements and start focusing on people. Dive into more workplace flexibility findings & best practices to ensure your success in hybrid meetings, collaboration, and more!

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