One of the many benefits of your current Camtasia Maintenance Agreement is that you get this upgrade to the latest version of Camtasia for FREE. Camtasia 2022 simplifies the video creation process for your and your team. New features like customizeable video templates, replaceable media, favorites, shareable themes, and more make it easy for everyone to create engaging, impactful videos.

How to get your new version:


Check your TechSmith Account

After you sign in to your TechSmith Account:

  1. Click the 'My Products' tab
  2. Find and copy your Camtasia 2022 software key
  3. Download your software and paste in your new key

Check your email

Search your email for "You get the new Camtasia for free!" to find instructions.

Ask your IT/Admin

If your organization purchased Camtasia on your behalf and you are unsure of your maintenance status, please contact your IT/Admin for assistance.

Check out Camtasia Certification

Another benefit of having active Camtasia Maintenance is you have full access to Camtasia Certification, which contains over 65 videos walking you through a Camtasia project and providing tips and tricks to help you to create videos more efficiently and effectively. Camtasia Certification is a premium learning experience taking you through the screencast creation using Camtasia.

Start Camtasia Certification