The New Camtasia 2022: More Videos. Less Time.

The new Camtasia 2022 is the most efficient way to create professional-level video content with no experience needed. Precision and creativity come together with Cursor Path Editing, Camtasia Home, Blend Mode, Simplified Video Export, and more! Every upgrade includes Camtasia Maintenance, which means you’ll receive the next version (Camtasia 2023) free.


Instantly turn your mouse into the star of the show

With Camtasia 2022, you can add an animated cursor to anything! Demos and tutorials will clearly draw users’ attention with high-quality vector cursors scaled to much larger sizes, plus editable cursor paths. No need to spend tons of time on this simple animation ever again.

Cursor path editing icon

Cursor Path Editing

Screen recording with purpose! Camtasia recordings now provide a cursor path that can be adjusted and enhanced during editing. This magic is only possible with intelligent screen recordings created by Camtasia.

Cursor path replacement icon

Automatic Cursor Replacement

Automatically replace OS system cursors in your recordings with vector cursors for a polished look and feel. More than 10x scaling is available with no loss in fidelity.

Cursor path placement icon

Cursor Path Placement

With Camtasia 2022, you can add a cursor to anything! This includes Snagit screenshots, images, videos, groups, and more. There’s no limit to the material you can turn into clear and helpful tutorials, demos, and explainer videos.


Expand your craft

The solid foundation you need to get more done. With a new Camtasia Home that puts all your go-to tools at your fingertips and a variety of new templates, Camtasia 2022 is your one stop shop for content editing and creation.

Edit Audio with Audiate icon

Edit video by editing text with Audiate

You know what the worst part about editing video is? Editing video. Make video edits by simply editing text! Camtasia 2022 + Audiate is the quickest way to a video rough cut. Simply record your video with Camtasia, then bring it into Audiate to make your quick edits by eliminating points of hesitation, unnecessary rambling, and areas where you misspoke.

Camtasia Home icon

Camtasia Home

Camtasia Home gives you quick access to everything you need to get started with a new project or wrap up an existing one. Home puts creation tools, assets, and product support into a central piece of Camtasia.

New templates icon

New templates

Get a head start with templates and assets already in Camtasia. Quickly select what you need and bring your video to life, and easily customize the elements within.

Optimize your workflow with 
Camtasia + Audiate

When Camtasia and Audiate work together in your toolbox, the video editing process is faster and smoother than ever. Buy now and save on your first year of Audiate.


Audiate and Camtasia Bundle



One Camtasia 2022 upgrade license + one year of Audiate


Cinematic visual effects with drag-and-drop simplicity

Camtasia 2022 enhances your ability to create professional-looking visual effects with no experience or prior training.

Camtasia library expansion

Camtasia 2022 comes preloaded with a brand-new library stocked with over 1000 assets! The updated library includes many new categories of assets and elements to improve the look of any video.

Transitions ICon

30 new transitions

We’ve done it again! Camtasia 2022 now includes 30 more video transitions.

Blend mode icon

Blend Mode

Camtasia 2022 introduces a new effect that allows you to blend the visuals from two pieces of media. Blend Mode allows you to create a custom look to screen content or make cinematic effects with footage, images, and b-roll to keep your audience engaged.

Spotlight icon

Spotlight (New in Windows)

Shine some light and add focus in your video with the new Spotlight effect. Drag and drop this visual effect to your media and adjust to your preferred look.   

Outline edge icon

Outline Edges (New in Windows)

Instantly turn your media into a simplified sketch of your on-screen content with the new Outline Edges effect. 


Camtasia 2022 brings a simplified export process to Windows

Camtasia 2022 has updated the export process on Windows to put the most commonly used settings right at your fingertips, all while keeping full export options available for special settings.

Haven't upgraded in a while? Camtasia 2022 also includes all features from previous releases

Compare versions to see what's new

Video Templates

Use pre-built video templates or create your own to dramatically reduce editing time.

Media Placeholders

Create a default space on the timeline where media should be added.

Replaceable Media

Replace any piece of media with a new clip, image, or annotation.

Shareable Themes

Share custom themes to help maintain a consistent look and feel.

Individual Input Recording

Select individual inputs to record with the updated recorder.


Instantly access your most-used tools and effects.


Save custom styles and configurations for frequent use.

Enhanced Media Bin

Quickly organize, sort, and navigate items in your media bin.

Camtasia Packages

Share templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts, favorites, and presets in a single file.

Improved Webcam Capture

Take advantage of higher resolutions offered by your webcam.

Upgrade to Camtasia 2022 today

A trial or purchase comes with free webinars with access to Camtasia experts and a large library of video tutorials. One year of Maintenance with phone support is included with every purchase.

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Upgrade to Camtasia 2022

One Camtasia 2022 license + first year of Maintenance

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One Camtasia 2022 upgrade license + one year of Audiate

Camtasia Maintenance is included with every upgrade

The first year of Camtasia Maintenance is included with the purchase of an upgrade. After the first year, there is an annual fee to maintain your benefits and stay current.

Free Upgrades

Receive free upgrades to the next version of Camtasia. A new version comes out every year and Maintenance guarantees you'll get the latest version.

Phone Support

Get phone and chat support, plus expedited response times on email and support tickets.

Camtasia Certification

Gain exclusive access to Camtasia Certification courses with 20+ videos of exclusive how-tos and training that will help you take your screencasting skills to the next level.

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