On Jury Duty, Still Teaching

Rob had to take an unexpected chunk of time off work because he got called up for jury duty. But instead of leaving his substitute and students to fend for themselves, Rob used screencasting to teach his classes throughout his jury service.

Rob's Story

I'm a teacher, a father, and a juror, and I'm still teaching my students even though I'm out on jury duty thanks to screencasting.

Rob Zdrojewski's class

Meet Rob Zdrojewski, a middle school teacher from Amherst, New York, who managed to teach his technology class despite being out on jury duty for a couple of weeks.

While he wasn't physically in class, substitute teachers were able to play screencasts that Rob created for his students using Snagit. He made sure to include webcam video in his screencasts to give his students the impression he was right there alongside them.

Screencasting allowed Rob to give his students instruction directly, which helped eliminate confusion for both the substitute teachers and students.

"Since he's been gone, we've had a lot of subs, but we still were able to watch the videos. It's just like he was still in class," said Joshua Cheston, a student in Rob's class.

How did he do that?

It's not hard, we promise. Learn how Rob used Snagit to create video lessons for his students when he was away on jury duty.

Behind-the-Scenes Tutorial

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