Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Chooses TechSmith Knowmia (formerly TechSmith Relay) to Offer Students a Boost

When it comes to helping students succeed, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) often tries to go an extra mile or two. Many of their students are non-traditional — some working full time to support families as they attend classes, while others may be students who didn't always fit into a typical classroom setting, but are looking for the skills they need to secure a good job and future.

Always on the lookout for ways to improve instruction, they realized that recording classroom content and discussions, and providing them to students via an easy online interface to supplement their regular class materials could provide the boost they were looking for.

After looking at various lecture capture solutions, BFIT chose TechSmith Knowmia. TechSmith products are used by top 200 colleges and universities in the U.S. to provide an easy-to-use and accessible solution to allow instructors to create and share video lectures and other content with students.

Larson Rogers, BFIT Dean of IT and Learning Systems said TechSmith Knowmia checked all the boxes for them when they thought about their students' and instructors' needs.

"This is a new initiative and solution for us, so we wanted something that was easy for our academic staff to learn and use, but was also easy for our IT staff to implement," he said. "Plus, our students are already enjoying the ability to go back and review lectures they've heard or, in cases where they may have been unable to attend a class, watch and hear the content they missed."

TechSmith Strategy Lead Shane Lovellette said that while Benjamin Franklin isn't taking the traditional online education route, providing a way for students to have access to classroom content and on their own time can greatly improve student success. TechSmith Knowmia helps make that a reality. "Providing students access to materials wherever they may be, and to be able to go back and review materials as needed when they study can be a lifesaver for BFIT's students," he said. "Providing videos of classroom instruction and discussion , as well as video feedback on assignments and other class materials improves engagement in online classes and improves outcomes."

"In talking with Larson and his team, we helped them identify areas where they could greatly improve adoption rates among staff while also improving student engagement and outcomes," he added. "We're excited to continue to support them as they grow and adapt."

Rogers noted that Knowmia is already changing the way their students learn.

"We're already seeing results," Rogers said. "I recently talked to one student who took a practice test and didn't score as high as she would have liked. But, after reviewing the lecture video again she took the test and scored 100%."