Lecture Capture You'll Actually Use

Relay is the easiest way to create and share accessible videos that improve student success.

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How it Works

Record lecture capture videos

1. Record videos

Start with a simple web-based video recorder that works right from your computer or Learning Management System, in a few clicks.

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Share securely

2. Share and manage content

Videos are uploaded to an easy-to-navigate online video library. Edit in your browser and easily share with a link, embed code, or directly in LMS courses.

Lecture capture quiz results

3. Measure learning

Track results in real-time with Relay's built-in analytics and in-video quizzing. Send scores automatically to the LMS gradebook.

Seamless LMS integration

Create videos easily within your existing Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Brightspace, or other LMS. Instructors can send videos directly to their course folders, and students can access videos - no additional login needed. Analytics and quiz scores are reported automatically to the gradebook.

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TechSmith Relay lecture capture recorder

Lecture capture across your campus

Relay makes recording lectures easy and consistent—in a lecture hall, office, or anywhere in between. Deploy the recorder from any web browser, no admin rights needed, on as many computers as you want. Relay's collaboration with Matrox® now offers hands-off classroom capture and scheduling.

Easily create accessible videos

Relay includes built-in speech-to-text to generate closed captions, or you can add closed captions to your videos. The web-based caption editor streamlines caption editing and includes an automatic ADA guidelines-checker. Quickly see where to adjust captions to meet guidelines and stay compliant.

accessible captions in TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay features

record lectures on destop or mobile devices

Robust creation tools

Relay includes an intuitive web-based recorder for PC, Mac, plus mobile apps for iOS and Android. Camtasia and Snagit perfectly integrate with Relay to create and edit media.

relay content management

Simplified content management

Easily manage your video and image content with the media library. Each user has a library of their own to store content and share with others that is secure. Define permissions, track analytics, add captions, and edit content from the library.

integrate with lms

Enhanced editing

Create engaging and effective content with the new web-based editor. Easily cut out what you don’t need from the beginning, middle, and end. Or integrate with Camtasia to add interactive links, table of contents, graphics, and more.


In-video quizzes

Engage students with multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and short answer questions within videos. Students interact with questions on any device.

Camtasia enhanced editing

LMS integration

Easily record and watch videos directly in your LMS. Analytics and quiz scores can go automatically into your gradebook.

single sign on

Single sign-on

Easily integrate with your user authentication system, including SAML 2, Azure Active Directory, Shibboleth, CAS, Google or email domain.

Organize lecture capture videos into groups


Relay makes it simple to organize and share videos. Sort by class, section, subject area, department, and more. Members are notified automatically via email when new videos are shared to the group.

Customize Relay lecture capture system

Admin portal and configuration

Manage users, videos, system access, and turn features on or off. You have full control to set permissions, configure settings, and enable custom installation.

ada complient


Caption with over 90 percent accurate speech-to-text, imported files, or assign the role to faculty and staff. Relay's web-based caption editor and ADA-checker makes corrections easy.

Assessment dashboard

Assessment dashboard

Get feedback on how effective the content is at teaching concepts. Quickly find out how much a video was viewed and an overall score for each quiz question.

Odessa College

“Odessa College experienced more than ten times the adoption at one third the cost of our previous system, all within six months of introducing TechSmith Relay.”

– Shawn Shreves
VP of IT at Odessa College

How much is an unused video platform really costing you?

How many instructors aren't using your current solution? How many videos go unwatched because they don't engage students? How many potential videos aren't getting created because the system is too complicated? Besides the money, a lack of an easy-to-use system may already be costing you a great deal.