TechSmith Loop

Immediate video review technology to help identify flaws and opportunities to improve performance in the moment. TechSmith Loop allows you to easily capture and analyze motion, processes, and procedures in order to refine best practices.

What if you could spend less time identifying problems and more time solving them instead?

Save time and money

  • Measure & break down into discrete steps
  • Compare actual work to standard or best practice
  • Slow down high speed actions to frame by frame

Prevent mistakes and injuries

  • Clearly convey real world situations to others
  • Allow others to see what you see regardless of location or time issues
  • Provide direction to others with clarity

Collaborate more efficiently

  • Clearly convey real world situations to others
  • Provide feedback on video content in an intuitive and natural way
  • Collaborate visually regardless of location or time issues

“I want my team leads to walk the line every day and identify defects, issues, and opportunities for improvement. Instead of having an industrial engineer having to conduct studies, I want team leads to use these tools to document and analyze these issues themselves.”

- Quality Director, Major Automotive Supplier

Download the TechSmith Loop demo for Windows 10

Get an in-depth preview of TechSmith Loop. This is a demo version that is limited to pre-loaded example videos.

Download from Windows Store