TechSmith Camtasia 2020: Templates and Favorites Make Video Creation Even More Efficient

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TechSmith Corporation today released the latest version of Camtasia 2020- their screen recording and video editing software. This new version includes features to make it easier for first time creators to easily produce better training, tutorials, lessons, and knowledge sharing videos.

A recent TechSmith Study on Video Viewer Habits and Trends identified common traits that are shared by successful instructional videos, such as being easy to follow, and including clear video titles, product recognition from logos and colors, and consistent design across videos in a series, to name a few.

‘With these findings in mind, we wanted to make it easier for organizations to include these common success factors into their videos without having to rely on the resident video experts to train others on how to create each element from scratch. We also didn’t want the resident video experts to have to review everyone else’s videos to make sure common elements are included or created consistently across the company. To prevent those bottlenecks from happening and to increase video creation across an organization successfully, we are super excited to release Camtasia 2020 with features designed to solve these issues and make video creation scalable,’ says Tony Dunckel, Vice President of Product Strategy.

Camtasia 2020 includes new features that make it easier for people across teams and organizations to create consistent, professional looking videos with features such as:

Camtasia now offers several pre-designed templates that users can use as the basis for their own video projects. In addition to the included templates, users can create their own custom templates that can be used by others. Templates can be created with placeholders, which are easily replaced by users with drag and drop simplicity by providing structure and pre-defined elements for a video project, templates can easily be shared with colleagues as a plug and play option for those new to video creation.

Export Packages
Camtasia can create and export template packages to share with teams or others creating similar content. Combine templates with a favorite collection, library, brand color theme, and other preferences into a single file (.campackage) to easily share with colleagues to design their own video projects based on the package’s specifications, ensuring a consistent layout, style, and colors.

With the new Favorites feature, TechSmith has implemented one of the most common requests from users: Users can now add a star to their most frequently used tools and effects in Camtasia and save them in their personal favorites collection for quick access.

Magnetic Track
Toggling on the Magnetic Track function automatically removes all gaps between the clips on that timeline track. This makes it easier to reposition, trim, replace and insert media clips on that track.

Track Matte Mode and other Improvements
The new Track Mattes feature and workflow improvements are designed to give advanced Camtasia users expanded compositional options and creative freedom. Track mattes allow users to create static and animated masks that define how the contents of different tracks are displayed, while the detachable timeline, customizable tool presets and the improved media bin allow for a better editing experience.

Camtasia 2020 is now available for Windows and Mac for $249 MSRP in English, French, German, and Japanese. Users with previous versions can upgrade for $139.99.

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