Snagit features

Learn more about all of the features Snagit has to offer.

snagit ui functionality and features


Elevate your screenshot game with precise, customizable, and lightning-fast screen capture capabilities.

snagit screenshot functionality

Scrolling capture

Capture content that extends beyond the screen, like full web pages, data sets with lots of columns, and more.

Custom capture presets

Create custom presets for your go-to captures.

Time delay

Give yourself time to set up a screenshot by specifying a time delay for captures.

Edit cursor

Remove, resize, and move your cursor within a static screenshot.

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Set custom keyboard shortcuts for you custom presets.

Webcam capture

Capture images from your webcam.

Menu and object capture

Automatically select windows, apps, and drop-down menus.

Exact capture dimensions

Set the exact dimensions of your capture area.

Time-lapse capture

Capture images from the same location on the screen at a a regular interval.

Multiple areas

Capture multiple areas on the screen in a single capture.

Printer capture

Send content from an application into the Snagit Editor using the application’s Print option.

Annotation tools

Create professional, polished visuals with Snagit's comprehensive annotation toolkit.

Snagit annotation functionality


Point to specific areas of a screenshot with arrows.


Add context to screenshots with text boxes connected to specific parts of an image with an arrow.


Add rectangles, circles, and custom shapes to frame or highlight specific areas.

Text recognition

Edit or copy text within screenshots.

Step tool

Indicate steps in a process with numbered markers.

Smart move

Snagit automatically detects UI elements in a screenshot, so you can move them around.


Streamline the feedback process with stamps like approval marks and emojis.


Dim and/or blur the surrounding areas of an image to draw attention to a specific element in a screenshot. (Mac Only)


Enlarge a specific area of a screenshot without altering the original image size.


Transform detailed screenshots into simplified graphics, ideal for creating easy-to-understand visuals.

Quick styles and themes

Create custom quick styles and themes to align with a brand or choose from a collection of pre-designed styles.

Screen recording

Dive into dynamic screen recording with a range of features that make it easy to create more engaging, effective videos.

snagit screen recorder functionality

Add cursor highlight

Emphasize the cursor by surrounding it with a visible highlight during screen recordings.

Animate clicks

Visually indicate clicks during a screen recording with a ripple effect.

Draw on your screen while recording

Add arrows, shapes, and step numbers directly on the screen while recording.

Capture webcam video

Record video from your computer’s webcam or an external camera.

Change shape of webcam video

Adjust the size and shape of the webcam video overlay in your recordings.

Record picture-in-picture video

Integrate your webcam video into screen recordings for a more personal and engaging viewer experience.

Swap between screen and webcam

Seamlessly switch the focus of a recording between screen content and full-screen webcam video. (Mac Only)

Blur webcam video background

Maintain privacy and minimize distractions by blurring the background of your webcam video. (Mac Only)

Video from images

Turn a screenshot or series of screenshots into a video with narration.

Sharing and integrations

Sharing your images and videos is as easy as a click.

snagit features share link with screencast

Share with a link

Or save to your computer and share directly to any of these destinations.

green checkmark Destinations: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP server, Youtube

green checkmark File types: Snagx, png, jpg, heif, tiff, gif, bmp, webpb, pdf, mp4