Snagit Maintenance Background

Snagit Maintenance

Add one year of Maintenance to your Snagit purchase for just $12.49. You’ll get
free upgrades and expert support while saving time and money.

Snagit + Maintenance

$62.48 USD

Snagit 2021 Single License
Snagit 2022 Upgrade
Priority Support
Snagit Certification


$49.99 USD

Snagit 2021 Single License

Why buy Snagit with Maintenance?


Always get the latest features

Receive free upgrades to the next version of Snagit, which includes the latest features. A new version comes out every year and Maintenance guarantees you'll get the latest version.

Snagit Maintenance Upgrade
Snagit Maintenance Support

Technical support via email, live chat, or over the phone

Receive access to all of our live support channels, including email, live chat, or phone. Chat is available 24 hours on weekdays, and most email tickets receive a response within one business day or sooner.


Develop your skills

Gain exclusive access to Snagit training to help you take your skills to the next level. Learn at your own pace or complete the entire course to receive an official Snagit certification. 

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Additional benefits for organizations 

Snagit Maintenance Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts

When purchasing multiple licenses for your team or organization (5 or more), add seats to your agreement at any time at a cumulative volume discount. 

Snaigit Maintenance Latest Version

Extended Version Support 

You'll have premium support on the current version of Snagit plus the last three years of prior versions. 

Snagit Maintenance Master Key

One Master Key 

When you purchase five or more, one key lets you easily package, deploy, and manage all your Snagit licenses. 

Buy Snagit with Maintenance

Choose auto-renewal at checkout to ensure your maintenance doesn’t lapse.