Video recording and hosting software for your entire organization

TechSmith Relay can introduce video to your teaching staff without an intimidating new technology learning curve. In just three clicks, your staff can record and share video lessons from their computer or mobile device.

Create and manage videos


Give everyone the power to record videos from any Mac, Windows computer, or mobile device. Create video lessons, bring in real-world content from your smartphone, upload images and videos you already have, or import videos from YouTube.

Share securely


Videos you create will be uploaded to your private organization space and saved securely in the cloud (or behind your own firewall). Share content with everyone in your organization, specific groups, or individuals. Managing accessibility and changing preferences is easy.

See quiz results


Track learning in real-time with TechSmith Relay's easy-to-use analytics. Interact with your viewers by adding quiz questions or open-ended responses, and see results on-demand. You can also know who's watched your videos, and how much of each video they viewed.

TechSmith Relay enhances digital learning at all levels

 Lecture Capture

Record lectures without interrupting the classroom with TechSmith Relay. The software works in the background, recording the screen and automatically sending finished recordings to the cloud so they can be shared with the class.

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Flipping your classroom with TechSmith Relay is as simple as recording lessons you already have, and talking as if your students are in front of you. Record whatever is on your screen - slides, lessons, diagrams, and more - as sharable video.

See TechSmith Relay in action

Relay gives people of all skills levels the power to create and share videos.



Tech Coordinators

We're here for you every step of the way

With TechSmith Relay, you'll not only get an easily-scalable video capture and media storage solution from a company that's been a leader in visual communication for over 25 years, but you'll also be matched with a dedicated customer care team. We'll guide you through deployment, provide training and documentation, answer questions, and work alongside you to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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