Coastline Community College District Chooses TechSmith Knowmia (formerly TechSmith Relay) for Video Solution

Coastline Community College District has chosen TechSmith Knowmia as its district-wide video platform. TechSmith products are used by the top 200 colleges and universities in the U.S. to provide an easy-to-use and accessible solution to allow instructors to create and share video content with students.

Coastline District faculty and staff were using TechSmith products Camtasia and Snagit in various license forms across the three colleges and in district offices. Securing a district wide license for all three products wasn’t only cost effective, faculty are now able to use Knowmia’s cloud-based solution to integrate video into their courses to increase student interaction.

Professor Cheryl Chapman, chair of Coastline College’s career education department believes Knowmia will provide opportunities for students and instructors to connect in a more meaningful way.

“Faculty will use Knowmia to produce engaging, relevant, authentic assessments with instructor-created videos. Students will have the ability to create video based assignments inside Knowmia or with TechSmith’s mobile app Fuse,” she said. “Adding captioned videos with quiz options, using the built in analytics tool and allowing students to create their own videos, will provide faculty additional tools to meet the needs of our online regular and substantive interaction guidelines.”

TechSmith Strategy Lead Shane Lovellette said today’s students expect to have access to educational materials from anywhere. TechSmith Knowmia helps make that a reality.

“Students want to be able to access course content wherever they may be, and to be able to go back and review materials as needed when they study,” he said. “Providing instructional videos, as well as video feedback on assignments and other class materials improves engagement in online classes and improves outcomes.”

“We helped the Coastline District identify areas where they could greatly improve staff adoption rates while also improving student engagement and outcomes,” he added.

Chapman noted Knowmia’s ability to provide accessible content for students with disabilities as a key feature.

“The captioning feature was most exciting,” she said. “Our faculty complete an online teaching training course which includes accessibility and they are responsible for making all materials accessible. One roadblock was accurate captioning. Knowmia gives faculty the ability to caption easily and quickly!”