Join Clips Together

Learn to stitch clips back together to select, move, and edit them as one.

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Stitch Media

If you split media to break it apart, stitch the clips back together to edit them as one.

To learn more about splitting, see Remove Mistakes (Trim & Split).

  1. Click and drag your cursor to select the two media clips you want to stitch together.
  2. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl+click (Mac) the media and select Stitch Selected Media.


  • Only sections of media created from the original clip can be stitched together.
  • Media must be next to each other to be stitched.
  • Media is automatically stitched back together when cut.
  • Media is NOT stitched and a gap appears on the timeline when deleted.

Unstitch Media

To separate media:

  • Windows: Right-click the stitch and select Unstitch.
  • Mac: Ctrl+click the stitch and select Unstitch Media.

Add an Enhancement to Stitched Media

Stitched media share the same properties. Any animations or effects that you add to stitched media applies to both clips. Animations can span the stitch.

  1. Stitch the clips together. See Stitch Media.
  2. Click an enhancement tab such as Animations, Audio Effects or Visual Effects.
  3. Drag the enhancement to the stitched media on the timeline.
  4. (Optional) If applying an animation, adjust the length of the animation arrow to span the stitch.

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