Learn One New Thing – Camtasia and Audiate

Editing videos is time-consuming, especially when you have to take into account the image, the audio and the synchronization between the two. Audiate is a text-based audio editor from TechSmith. It's a stand-alone application that you can use with or without Camtasia to edit and polish your audio recordings. In this webinar, you'll record a short video using the Camtasia recorder. Usually, the next step is to edit this recording directly in Camtasia, but... not today. Instead, you'll send your Camtasia recording to Audiate and use Audiate's text-based editing tools to edit your video. This technique makes video editing much easier and much faster! But that's not all! Audiate also contains audio effects not to be found in Camtasia. It's also a powerful speech-to-text application, which streamlines the process of subtitling your videos. And, best of all, thanks to the tight integration that exists between Audiate and Camtasia, adding Audiate to your Camtasia workflow is a breeze. By the end of this webinar, you'll have access to an incredible set of tools to help you edit your videos faster, all the while increasing the audio quality of your productions.