Record with the PowerPoint Add-In (Windows)

Learn how to customize the Camtasia Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint to record presentations.

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The Camtasia PowerPoint Add-in provides robust, customizable options to record in Microsoft PowerPoint, and then edit or produce the recording in Camtasia.

Note: The Microsoft PowerPoint Add-In toolbar is only available for Windows. To record PowerPoint slides on Mac, see Import PowerPoint Slides or Record a PowerPoint Presentation.

Set Up the Recording

Note: The PowerPoint add-in toolbar is installed by default with Camtasia. If the add-in does not appear in Microsoft PowerPoint, complete the following: select File > Options > Add-ins tab > Manage dropdown. Select Disabled Items and click Go. If the Camtasia add-in appears in the list, select it and click Enable.

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Add-Ins tab.
    Camtasia Add-in in PowerPoint toolbar
  3. Recording options appear in the toolbar.
    add-in recording options
  4. Set the recording options:
    • A. Record audio: Click to toggle microphone or system audio recording on or off. To select the device and specific audio settings, see Camtasia Add-in Options.
    • B. Record camera: Click to toggle camera on or off.
    • C. Show camera preview: Click to open a preview of the camera. Click the X in the top-right corner to close the preview.
    • D. Recording options: Click to open the Camtasia Add-in Options settings.

Camtasia Add-in Options

Click the Recording Options button in the toolbar to open the Camtasia Add-in Options.

Start recording paused
  • Select this option to check microphone levels before recording.
    Camtasia Recording Paused window
  • Deselect this option to record immediately once you click the Record button.
Edit in Camtasia when finished
  • Select this option to automatically open Camtasia after recording.
  • Deselect this option to save the recording without opening Camtasia.
Include watermark
  • Select this option to display a logo or other image in your recording.
  • Click Watermark to select the image and display properties.
At end of presentationSelect an option to Continue recording, Prompt to continue recording, or Stop recording.
Screen frame rateSelect the number of frames recorded per second. Recordings with higher frame rates display more smoothly but also result in larger file size.
Record toSelect TSC2 or H.264 video coding format. For guidance on which format to choose, see When to Use TSC2 vs H264 in Camtasia for Screen Recording.
Record audio
  • Select to record microphone and/or system audio.
  • Deselect to record video only.
Audio sourceSelect a built-in or connected microphone.
VolumeSlide to adjust recording volume.
Capture system audioSelect to record the system audio (sounds from applications and websites).
Record from camera
  • Select to record from a built-in or connected camera for Picture-in-Picture display.
  • Click Camera setup to preview the webcam and select the camera device, dimensions, and frame rate.
Keyboard shortcutsCustomize hotkey combinations to control Record/Pause and Stop recording.

Record the PowerPoint Presentation

  1. In PowerPoint, open the Camtasia Add-in and set the recording options. See Set Up the Recording.
  2. Click the Record button.
    • If the Start recording paused option is not selected, recording begins immediately.
    • If the Start recording paused option is selected, the Camtasia Recording Paused window appears. Speak to test your audio and slide the Microphone setting to adjust volume as needed. Click the button to begin recording or press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.
      Camtasia Recording Paused window
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F10 or press the ESC key to stop recording.
  4. Click the Stop Recording button.
    Stop or Continue recording dialog
  5. Name the recording and click Save.
  6. Select Produce your recording or Edit your recording and click OK.
    Produce or Edit your recording dialog

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