Camtasia 2018: Best-in-Class Screen Recording and Easy-to-Use Video Creation Tool

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Camtasia 2018 for Windows and Mac allows anyone to easily create eye-catching, professional-quality videos.

TechSmith Corporation, the go-to company for visual communications, today launched Camtasia 2018, the latest version of its popular and intuitive screen recording and video editing tool. Combining the power of best-in-class screen recording, with professional-quality, easy-to-use video editing, Camtasia 2018 also adds new library and theming features and support for high frame rate editing.

Video continues to grow in popularity, and new research from TechSmith highlights how companies in the US could unlock nearly $100 billion in productivity by increasing their use of visual and video content in workplace communications. To help businesses tap into these gains, Camtasia’s new features and performance make creating engaging, professional-looking video content easier than ever.

In addition to under-the-hood performance improvements that reduce video rendering time by up to 50%, Camtasia’s new features include:

  • Library: Easily organize media and assets by different video types and brands to speed future video creation and ensure consistency. Camtasia brings this useful feature to Mac users for the first time, and provides an upgraded library for Window users, improving organization and ease of use.
  • Theming: Give your video a consistent look and feel by creating, saving and applying themes with custom color and font preferences. Create multiple sets of themes for different types of videos or projects, saving time and increasing brand efficiency.
  • 60fps Editing and Production: Provide a smoother viewing experience for your audience with Camtasia’s improved frame rate editing capabilities, allowing you to edit and produce videos at 60 frames per second.
  • TechSmith Assets (Free): Jump start your creative juices with new royalty-free video assets in Camtasia 2018. Instantly add professional elements to your video with a quick drag and drop from your library to the timeline. New assets include; customizable intros, outros, and lower thirds, plus animated backgrounds, icons, and music tracks.
  • TechSmith Assets (Subscription): Feeling like your videos could use a little extra polish? We’ve got you covered with TechSmith Assets. Find exactly what you need for your Camtasia videos with unlimited access to over 500,000 royalty-free stock assets including; customizable intros, video backgrounds, lower thirds, photos, music, and more — all for just $199 a year. Unlike with other royalty-free asset sites, Camtasia customers pay once for unlimited commercial use, instead of paying a premium for each individual asset you need.

TechSmith CEO Wendy Hamilton believes businesses who embrace more modern and engaging forms of internal and external communications — including using more video content — have an advantage.

“Video and visual communication continue to gain popularity across all areas of business, from employee training and higher education to marketing, product tutorials, software demos, and more. Our research found that US businesses could save more than $1,700 per employee per year by providing more visual content in workplace communications,” she said. “Camtasia provides a fast and easy way for anyone to create engaging, impactful, professional-quality video content — allowing even novice video creators to leverage this untapped potential.”

TechSmith Camtasia 2018 is available today at Windows and Mac for $249. Users with previous versions of Camtasia can upgrade for $99.


Ryan Knott, Public Relations Specialist


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