TechSmith Camtasia 2022: New Features to Create More Engaging and Effective Videos Faster and Easier than Ever Before

Camtasia 2022 logo with animations that represent features like cursor path movement, and blend mode.

Okemos, Michigan – TechSmith Corporation, experts in visual communication, today announced the new version of its acclaimed Camtasia video software. TechSmith Camtasia 2022 offers a host of new features that enable users to record and edit video more quickly and creatively. This release is focused on helping customers tell a compelling story with their mouse cursor and easily add visual effects and treatments that make videos more engaging. New transitions, templates, elements, and other creative enhancements, such as Blend Mode, make it easier than ever to create more professional and visually captivating videos in even less time. In addition to these creative enhancements, TechSmith has revolutionized how videos are edited. Camtasia 2022 videos can now be sent to TechSmith Audiate for automatic transcription and the ability to edit them like a text document. Audiate can then send the project back to Camtasia with all changes synched on the timeline.

“In the hybrid workplace, we all need video to enhance our daily communication,” said Wendy Hamilton, TechSmith’s CEO. “We strive to make Camtasia the best video editor available for subject matter experts that have limited time to learn video editing. The new Camtasia 2022 makes it faster and easier to create training and educational videos while also providing fabulous new effects for software demo videos.”

The new features of Camtasia 2022 at a glance:

New cursor enhancements

Because the cursor plays a central role in screen recordings, Camtasia 2022 has been enhanced with several features that allow you to edit, emphasize, and optimize the appearance and movement of the cursor with precision.

  • Cursor path editing

Videos recorded with Camtasia 2022 intelligently capture cursor path information and allow for cursor path modification after the recording is finished. With this functionality, a user can correct, modify, and optimize the path of their cursor, leading to less re-recordings and a more polished final video.

  • Adding cursor paths to any media

In Camtasia 2022 projects, cursor path editing isn’t limited to where the cursor started and stopped during the recording. Cursor paths and clicks can be added to any image, video, or media element for additional clarity and movement.

  • Automatic cursor replacement

The cursor of the operating system will now be automatically replaced by a vector cursor in recordings. More than ten times magnification is possible, which helps to direct viewers’ attention to the most important parts of the recording.

New creative workflows

  • Use Audiate to edit video like text

TechSmith Audiate introduces a completely new way to edit Camtasia videos. Video recordings created in Camtasia can be transferred directly to Audiate, where they are transcribed and can then be edited like a text document. Speech pauses, ums and ahs, and other sequences can be quickly and easily removed, and the audio can be enhanced with additional effects. After editing, the recording is sent back to Camtasia, where all edits and changes from Audiate are automatically applied and displayed directly in the video project.

  • New templates and customizable elements

Camtasia 2022 users benefit from a redesigned library with over 1,000 brand-new elements, including intros, music tracks, animated titles, and templates that can be used in any video project. The colors of the elements are easily adjustable to match the creators’ own specifications, allowing them to create professional and consistent videos in less time.

  • Camtasia Home

Upon opening Camtasia 2022, a user will see a newly designed home screen experience. Camtasia Home allows for quick access to essential resources, like templates, tutorials, and other TechSmith products that integrate with Camtasia.

  • Streamlined export process (New in Windows)

The exporting process on Windows has been simplified in Camtasia 2022. While all export options are still available for specialized settings, the most commonly used settings are now more quickly accessible.

New visual effects

  • Blend Mode

With Blend Mode, Camtasia 2022 introduces a new effect that allows users to blend footage from two different media types (footage, video, B-roll, etc.) in their videos. This effect allows a user to create cinematic effects that have a custom, high-quality look that was only previously achievable with a more complicated or expensive video editor.

  • New Transitions

No video is complete without a transition effect. Camtasia 2022 includes 30 new transitions that can be applied to any type of media in your video project by simply dragging and dropping.

  • Spotlight (New in Windows)

Put a spotlight on any video with the new Spotlight effect. Camtasia’s Spotlight feature is now included in Windows and can be added and customized with ease.

  • Outline Edges (New in Windows)

With the new Outline Edges effect, you can instantly give your media the look of a drawing for stylish results.

Camtasia 2022 is available now for $299.99 USD from the TechSmith online store and select resellers. Customers with an active Maintenance contract will receive the upgrade for free. Discounted pricing is available for existing customers upgrading from Camtasia 2021 and Camtasia 2020. A 30-day trial version can be downloaded from the Camtasia website. The software is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.

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