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Compare key features across versions, or explore what's new in Snagit.

Picture-in-Picture Video
Enhanced, Cloud Enabled Library
Unified Project File Format for Windows and Mac
Adjustable Template Layouts
Font and Shadow Adjustment in Themes
Move Mode for Simplify Tool
Custom Color Palettes for Simplify Tool
Offset Magnify Tool
Create Image from Template
Create Video from Images
Slack Sharing Output
Box Sharing Output
Arrow Tail Callouts
Snagit Asset Store Integration
Combine Images
Stamp Search
Simplify Tool
Smart Move (Editable UI)
Grab Text (OCR)
Text Replace (OCR)
64-bit (Win)
Side-by-Side Install (Mac)
Snapping to Canvas
Shared Styles & Themes
Background Auto-Fill
Magic Wand
Translation Workflow
Webcam Recording
Animated GIF Creation
Customizable Toolbar
Panoramic Capture
Magnify Tool
Support for 4K Capture
OneDrive for Business Integration
DropBox & OneNote 2013 Sharing
Exact Capture Dimensions
Video Trimming
Direct Tagging of Captures
Step, Blur, Smooth, & Pixelate Tools
Google Drive & TechSmith Fuse Integration
Text Padding, Tail Locking, & Spell-Checking in Callouts
System Audio Recording in Win 7 & 8
Video Output to, Camtasia, YouTube, FTP, Facebook, & Twitter
Page Curl Effect
Rotating Text Boxes
Ability to Backup & Restore Saved Captures
Searching Functionality
Scrolling Capture
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