TechSmith Relay in the Workplace

Enterprise-wide Video Sharing and Media Hosting

Easily capture presentations, important meetings, field visits, or training material. Give everyone in your organization the power to share ideas and knowledge seamlessly, even from their mobile device.

Increase productivity with better training

Increase productivity with better training

Streamline your training programs by creating on-the-spot, custom video lessons about topics specific to your company. Train new hires, explain new systems and procedures, and transfer knowledge easily from one employee to another. Keep track of who's watching with real-time viewership and feedback.

Simple rollout, plus a powerful tool for IT

Better help desk support

Better help desk support, even remotely

Use TechSmith Relay to create a library of troubleshooting and help videos that can be shared with any employee having technical issues. Make sure your support staff can spend their time to fixing the difficult problems by creating an archive of videos answering everyone’s most frequently asked questions.

Keep up with new systems

Keep up with compliance and new systems

Ensure all employees have seen your acceptable use policies and other important technology guidelines. Train them with videos you create, and the TechSmith Relay analytics dashboard will automatically track who has watched. Plus, create a series of videos to help employees learn new systems, which they can view at their convenience.

Increase ROI of existing tech

Increase the ROI of existing tech

TechSmith Relay uses Microsoft Azure geographically redundant storage and other measures to ensure all user content and information is always safe and secure. Since it’s hardware-free, TechSmith Relay is easy to roll out to all branches of your company. And once it’s set up, it doesn’t require a dedicated systems administrator to keep it running.

Better communication for sales and marketing

Create presentations, demos, and updates from anywhere

Bridge the gap between the field and the office

Record customer presentations from anywhere. Sales representatives in the field can share updates straight from their mobile device using TechSmith Fuse. Plus, it’s easy to take video of your product in the field for real-world use cases.

Create great sales videos

Create great sales presentations

Easily create videos that will get you one step closer to closing that deal. Share with a group or just one person, for personalized service that makes a great impression. Record events and meetings to help train sales staff on best practices for connecting with customers.

Send info back from the field to the office

Send only experts into the field

Make sure every member of your staff knows their stuff. Create video overviews of new products or quick refreshers on your core offerings with built-in quiz questions. Before your reps meet with customers, use our user-friendly analytics to make sure everyone is up to speed.

Find the right fit

The TechSmith Relay team is standing by if you want more information of would like a demo.