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five star ratings


5 "New Templates at a high degree of Professionalism"

December 2019

I can quickly create responses in my technical support, and offer images that are easy to understand and look terrific.

five star ratings


5 "Terrific Templates"

March 2020

I especially like the templates for creating your own professional looking step-by-step instructions. The templates are a definite plus and they can be saved in many different formats. Much better than starting from scratch.

five star ratings


5 "Great training product"

May 2020

This tool is the best! I used to use the stock Windows snipping tool but after i took a screenshot it was working out how to deliver the image. Now I use Snagit to produce training guides from the built in templates.

Create simple instructions in minutes


Save time and give people detailed instructions in just a few minutes.

Performing a task is easy when you create a step-by-step instruction document. TechSmith's instructional manual templates will give you a simple and professional look without being a designer.

Your written instructions can be easily paired with a custom screenshot.

Best of all, you get dozens of professionally designed templates that you can customize in minutes. With a few simple clicks, you can change the screenshots, colors, fonts, and layout to fit what task you are trying to show.



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How to make step-by-step instructions

Learn how to create a one from a template, step by step.

1. Select images to use in your guide

To use a template, click the Create button and choose Image from Template or select images from the Recent Captures tray, then right-click and choose Combine in Template.

2. Choose a template

Depending on what your guide will show, you can choose a template with numbered steps, a timeline, or even a comparison to show the difference between two images.

Note: Snagit comes with free, basic templates, and there are more templates available with an annual subscription to TechSmith Assets for Snagit

3. Arrange images, add a title and captions

If your images are not in the order you desire, drag to rearrange them. To make your instructions easy to follow, add title text and brief captions in the text boxes. When everything is set, click Combine.

4. Adjust your images

Images are scaled to fill each space. To adjust the zoom and position of an image, double click the drop zone, and resize and move the image as needed.

5. Share your step-by-step instructions

When your guide is complete, print it, save it as a PDF or image file, or send it to one of Snagit’s outputs like, Email, or Microsoft Word for quick and easy sharing.

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If you're tired of wordy emails, manuals, and documentation there's a better way. Snagit lets you quickly capture a process, add your explanation, and create visual instructions.

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