Import Media and Organize Your Learning Content

Learn how to keep your list of videos neat and tidy, including several tips for using folders.

Add a New Folder to Your Library

Add a new folder to your Library from either the Create menu, or the plus (+) button. 

Enter a name for the folder. This can be changed later if needed. 

Click the context menu to create a subfolder. 
Note: you can’t create subfolders within subfolders. 

Move Media into the Folder

To move a single piece of media, click the Gear icon and select Move. Then choose the folder or subfolder from this menu. 

Or, click and grab this handle to drag and drop it in the correct folder or subfolder here on the left.

To move multiple pieces, multi-select the media by clicking the check box, click the Gear icon and select Move

Import Existing Media

If you have existing media on your computer or portable drive that you want to import into your Library, navigate to the specific folder or subfolder, and click Create > Upload Media

Click Select Files to Upload to browse and find the media, or just drag and drop the files. 

A check mark appears when the media is finished uploading. You can either upload more media or close the window to see the media in the designated folder.  

View the Media in the Library

Navigate to the subfolder to see the media. 
Click a piece of media to open it on the watch page. 

In this page, customize the video with closed captions, quizzes, and in-video conversations.

Click Edit Details to change the video title, add a description, and even move the media to a new location. 

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