Quick Styles and Favorites

Speed-up your Snagit workflow with Quick Styles and Favorites. Save your most used styles to Favorites for easy access and use.

Add quick style icon

Create a custom Quick Style

To create a custom style, choose a drawing tool (arrows, callouts, shapes, text), then customize it's color, size and other settings to create a desired look. When finished, click the plus button in the bottom right corner of the callout to save it as a Quick Style.

Cursor clicking plus icon to add a new Quick Style to Snagit.

Favorites icon

Collect frequently used tools in Favorites

Snagit 2019 introduced a way to make your favorite quick styles easy to access on the fly. To add a style to your favorites, click the star in the upper corner of the style preview. 

Starred styles are accessible under the Favorites tool and you can access them without switching from one tool to another. Click the star on a tool in the Favorites menu to remove it.