Managing and Responding to Reviews

Learn to add or remove reviewers, create reviewer groups, change a review deadline, interact with reviewer comments, and export a review. 

Three reviews organized into a grid

Sort reviews in the Dashboard

The Dashboard displays all of the reviews you create, along with any you have been invited to review. 

To see only the reviews you have created, click the My Reviews tab. To see the reviews you have been invited to join, click Shared with Me.


Change user icon.

Change who has access to your review

Open a review and click the Share button to add reviewers, remove reviewers, or enable access via a shareable private link.

Cursor clicking Share button in a review.

Link icon

Invite reviewers using a private link

In the Share dialog, select the Anyone with the link option to allow users to access your review via a private link.

Click the Copy button to copy the link to your clipboard and then send it to your reviewers.

If you switch access back to Only added reviewers the link will no longer work for reviewers that have not been added.

Clicking the Anyone with a link sharing option.

Circle with an outline of a person in it along with a plus sign

Add or remove reviewers

Click Manage Reviewers to add or remove reviewers.

Enter the email addresses of the new reviewers. If you are adding multiple reviewers, separate each email address with a comma. Then click Add.

Click the minus next to a reviewer to remove them from the list.

When everything is set, click Done.

Click Manage reviewers button

Groups icon.

Create a reviewer group

If the same people frequently review your videos, consider creating a group as a faster way of adding reviewers. Click Save this group for later and then name the group.

Then, whenever you want to invite those users to a review, open the groups menu and choose the group that contains them. 

Calendar icon

Change the deadline of a review

To change the deadline of a review, go to the review, and click the deadline button.

Then select a new date and choose whether to notify reviewers of the change.

Calendar dropdown where a user can choose a date

A video review with a minus sign in the upper right corner

Export comments and delete a review

TechSmith Video Review limits content creators to 25 reviews at a time. If you near or hit your limit, or simply want to clean things up a bit, you can export comments associated with a review and/or delete it. Exporting comments allows you to reference the review later on if you need.

From the dashboard, click the options button on a review and choose Export Comments. A CSV file containing the comments along with timestamps is downloaded to your computer. Then, click Delete to permanently delete the review from your account.

Video review tile with the