Camtasia Shortcuts

Quickly reference the keyboard shortcuts in Camtasia.

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Note: Shortcuts are tested on a QWERTY keyboard. Some shortcuts may not work with the keyboard you use. To customize the shortcuts:

  • On Windows, select Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts tab.
  • On Mac, select Camtasia 2023 > Settings (macOS 13 or later) or Preferences (macOS 12 or earlier) > Shortcuts tab.
See Customize Camtasia Shortcuts.

Recorder Options

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Launch RecorderNoCtrl+R Ctrl+R
Start/pause recordingYes F9Command+Shift+2
Stop recordingYesF10Command+Option+2
Add marker while recordingYesShift+MShift+Ctrl+Option+Command+M

Animations and Effects

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Add last used transitionYesShift+TShift+L
Add custom animationYesShift+AShift+A
Jump to next animationYesAlt+KOption+K
Jump to previous animationYesShift+KShift+K
Start/stop narration recordingYesCtrl+Shift+V—-

Canvas Options

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Zoom in on canvasYesCtrl+Equal sign
Scroll Wheel
Command+Equal sign
Scroll Wheel
Zoom out on canvasYesCtrl+Minus
Scroll Wheel
Scroll Wheel
Center canvasYesAlt+COption+C
Preview media outside of groupYes—-Shift+Command+G
Pan to hereYes—-Command+Option+Z
Scale to fitYes—-Command+Option+F
Scale to fillYes—-Shift+F
Pan and scale to 200%Yes—-Command+Option+4
Pan and scale to 100%Yes—-Command+Option+3
Pan and scale to 50%Yes—-Command+Option+2
Pan and scale to 25%Yes—-Command+Option+1
Enable/disable canvas snappingYes
(Windows only)
Move selected media leftNo Left Arrow KeyLeft Arrow Key
Move selected media rightNo Right Arrow KeyRight Arrow Key
Move selected media upNoUp Arrow KeyUp Arrow Key
Move selected media downNoDown Arrow KeyDown Arrow Key
Move media 10 pixelsNoShift+Arrow KeyShift+Arrow Key
Change size of selected media on canvasNoCtrl+Scroll Wheel—-
Exit full screen canvas viewNoEscEsc
Maintain aspect ratio while resizing media (excludes annotations)NoDrag corner handle on selected media to resizeDrag corner handle on selected media to resize
Override aspect ratio when resizing (excludes annotations)NoHold Shift and drag corner handle on selected media to resizeHold Shift and drag corner handle on selected media to resize
Resize media with aspect ratio and maintain center point (excludes annotations)NoHold Ctrl and drag corner handle on media to resizeHold Command and drag corner handle on media to resize
Freely rotate media (3D)No
  1. Select media on canvas.
  2. Hold Shift+Ctrl while dragging media.

Note: Do not use side or rotate handles.


Program Options

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Show/hide tools panelYesCtrl+1Command+1
Show/hide properties panelYesCtrl+2Command+2
Attach/detach timelineYesCtrl+3Command+3
(On Timeline Navigation tab on Mac)
Open media bin subtabYesBB
Open Camtasia assets subtabYesEE
Open library subtabYesRR
Open favorites tabYesFF
Open annotations tabYesNN
Open transitions tabYesTT
Open behaviors tabYesOO
Open animations tabYesAA
Open cursor effects tabYesUU
Open voice narration tabYesVV
Open audio effects tabYesDD
Open visual effects/video effects tabYesXX
Open gesture effects tabYes
(Mac only)
Open interactivity tabYesII
Open captions tabYesC—-
Launch home dialogYes
(Windows only)
Launch preferences dialogYes
(Windows only)
Launch recorderYes
(Windows only)
Import packageYesCtrl+Shift+PCtrl+Shift+P
Export packageYesCtrl+Shift+ECtrl+Shift+E
Maximize or de-maximize window (Mac)Yes
(Mac only)
See below – Maximize/Minimize window (Windows)Command+Shift+M
Hide other programsNo —- Command+Option+H
Maximize/Minimize window (Windows)NoMaximize:
Windows logo key+Up Arrow

Windows logo key+Down Arrow
See above – Maximize or de-maximize window (Mac)
Exit/quit CamtasiaNoAlt+F4Command+Q
Close windowNo—-Command+W
Symbols and emojisNo—-Ctrl+Command+Spacebar
Enter full screen programNo—-Command+Shift+F
Display system menuNoAlt+Spacebar—-
Activate menusNoAlt+First letter of menu—-
Remove focus or close current control, menu, or dialog box NoEscEsc
Launch HomeYesCtrl+HCommand+Period

Project Options

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Import media into media binYesCtrl+ICommand+I
Export frame asYesCtrl+FCtrl+F
Export to local file (Windows)
Export (Mac)
Export frame at playheadYesCtrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Silence audioYesShift+SOption+S
(On Timeline Editing tab on Mac)
Restore audioYesShift+ROption+R
(On Timeline Editing tab on Mac)
New projectNoCtrl+NCommand+N
Open projectNoCtrl+SCommand+O
Save projectNoCtrl+SCommand+S
Launch online helpNoF1—-

Timeline Editing

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Open groupYes
(Windows only)
Close groupYes
(Windows only)
Silence audioYesShift+S
(On Project Options tab on Windows)
Restore audioYesShift+R
(On Project Options tab on Windows)
Split selected media at playheadYesSCommand+T
Split all tracks at playheadYesCtrl+Shift+SCommand+Shift+T
Stitch selected mediaYesCtrl+Alt+ICommand+Option+I
Remove all stitches from selected trackYesCtl+Shift+\Command+Shift+\
Add annotationYesShift+NShift+N
Extend frameYes
(Windows only)
Hold Alt and drag end of clip
Hold Option and drag end of clip
(Mac Only)
Add selection to libraryNoCtrl+Shift+A—-
Add placeholderYesPP
Convert to placeholderYesCtrl+Alt+P—-
Deselect allYes
(Windows only)
Select allNoCtrl+ACommand+A
Ripple delete
  • Copies to clipboard (Mac only)
  • No gap
  • Stitches media together on timeline
  • Deletes selection and shifts all timeline media left
(Windows only)
  1. Make a selection on timeline.
  2. Press Ctrl+Delete or Backspace.
  1. Make a selection on timeline.
  2. Press Command+Delete or Backspace.
  • Copies to clipboard
  • No gap (Windows only)
  • Stitches media together on timeline (Windows only)
(Windows only)
Leaves space on timeline
PanNoHold Spacebar and drag canvasHold Spacebar and drag canvas
CropNoHold Alt and drag handlesHold Alt and drag handles
Open media bin tabNoBB
Increase/decrease propertiesNoDrag handles/sliders to adjust number
Type number
Click number and use Up/Down Arrow to increase or decrease number
Drag handles/sliders to adjust number
Type number
Click number and use Up/Down Arrow to increase or decrease number

Timeline Navigation

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Play/pause/stop videoNoSpacebarSpacebar
Variable speed playback:
Play timeline backward at normal (1x), 2x, 4x, or 8x speed
Yes (Windows only)JJ
Pause timeline playbackYes (Windows only)KK
Variable speed playback:
Play timeline forward at normal (1x), 2x, 4x, or 8x speed
Yes (Windows only)LL
Return playheadYesCtrl+Alt+MCtrl+Option+Spacebar
Move playhead to previous clipYesCtrl+Alt+CommaCtrl+Comma
Move playhead to next clipYesCtrl+Alt+PeriodCtrl+Period
Step backward on timelineYesCommaComma
Step forward on timelineYesPeriodPeriod
Zoom inYesCtrl+Shift+Equal
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel
Command+Scroll Wheel
Zoom outYesCtrl+Shift+Minus
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel
Command+Scroll Wheel
Zoom to fit
Shows all media on timeline
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel
Command+Scrool Wheel
Zoom to max
Shows maximum timeline view
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel
Command+Scroll Wheel
Make timeline selectionNoHold Ctrl and drag playheadHold Command and drag playhead
Zoom to selectionYesCtrl+Shift+8Command+Shift+8
Jump to beginning of timeline
Move playhead to beginning
Jump to end of timeline
Move playhead to end
Extend selection to next clipYesCtrl+Shift+Alt+Right ArrowCommand+Shift+Option+Period
Extend selection to previous clipYesCtrl+Shift+Alt+Left ArrowCommand+Shfit+Option+Comma
Extend selection range leftYesShift+CommaShift+Comma
Extend selection range rightYesShift+PeriodShift+Period
Move up or down through tracksNoScroll Wheel
Drag scroll bar
Scroll Wheel
Drag scroll bar
Increase track heightsYesAlt+Equal signOption+Equal sign
Decrease track heightsYesAlt+MinusOption+Minus
Extend selection to timeline beginningYesCtrl+Shift+Home—-
Extend selection to timeline endYesCtrl+Shift+End—-
Select succeeding mediaYesAlt+Right Arrow—-
Select preceding mediaYesAlt+Left Arrow—-
Select all media To left of playheadYes
(Windows Only)
Select all media to right to right of playheadYes
(Windows Only)
Select all timeline to leftYes (Mac Only)—-Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
Select all timeline to rightYes (Mac Only)—-Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
Ripple Split
  • Inserts space on timeline
  • Moves everything to the right of the playhead
NoHold Shift and drag playheadHold Shift and drag playhead
Ripple moveNo
  1. Select clip on timeline.
  2. Hold Shift and drag media.
Ripple trim
Extends/reduces media duration without creating space
NoHold Shift and drag end of media in/out—-
Ripple split and move everything on track at playheadNoHold Shift and drag playheadHold Shift and drag playhead
Temporarily disable snappingNoHold Ctrl and drag mediaHold Ctrl and drag media
Enable canvas snappingNoCtrl+SemicolonCommand+Semiconlon
Enable timeline snappingNo—-Command+Shift+Semicolon
Attach/detach timelineYesCtrl+3
(On Program Options tab on Windows)


OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Add captionYesShift+CShift+C
Increase captionYes
(Windows only)
Decrease captionYes
(Windows only)
Next captionNoTabTab
Previous captionNoShift+TabShift+Tab
Replay current caption segment (Loop button)NoEnter
Click Loop button
Click Loop button

Marker and Quiz Options

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Add markerYesShift+MShift+M
Add quizYes Shift+QShift+Q
Show/hide marker viewYes Ctrl+MCtrl+M
Show/hide quiz viewYes Ctrl+QCtrl+Q
Next markerYes Ctrl+]Ctrl+]
Previous markerYes Ctrl+[Ctrl+[
Select next marker
Extend selection to next marker
Yes Ctrl+Shift+]Ctrl+Shift+]
Select previous marker
Extend selection to previous marker
Yes Ctrl+Shift+[Ctrl+Shift+[
Next quiz
(jump to and select)
Yes Ctrl+0Ctrl+0
Previous quiz
(jump to and select)
Yes Ctrl+9Ctrl+9

Library Options

OptionCustomizableWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Import to libraryYesCtrl+Shift+I—-
Add selection to libraryYesCtrl+Shift+ACommand+Option+A
Open library tabNoRR
Collapse selected folder
Move upwards to parent
NoLeft Arrow
Left Arrow
Expand selected folderNoRight Arrow
Right Arrow
Collapse all foldersNoCtrl+Left ArrowCommand+Left Arrow
Expand all foldersNoCtrl+Right ArrowCommand+Right Arrow
Collapse/expand subfoldersNoAlt+ClickOption+Click
Select next element upwardsNoUp ArrowUp Arrow
Select next element downwardsNoDown ArrowDown Arrow
Scroll to topNoHomeFn+Left Arrow
Scroll to bottomNoEndFn+Right Arrow
Scroll to and select topNoCtrl+HomeOption+Command+Up Arrow
Scroll to and select bottomNoCtrl+EndOption+Command+Down Arrow
Scroll upwards by height of viewNoPage UpFn+Up Arrow
Scroll downwards by height of viewNoPage DownFn+Down Arrow
Delete selected items
(In custom library)
Multi-select itemsNoShift+Click
Shift+Arrow Key
Shift+Arrow Key
Add/remove item from selectionNoCtrl+ClickCommand+Click
Enter asset rename mode
(In custom library)

Text Options for Annotations

OptionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Edit text—-Option+Return
Select one character right of the cursorShift+Right ArrowShift+Right Arrow
Select one character left of the cursorShift+Left ArrowShift+Let Arrow
Select all characters after the cursorShift+Down ArrowShfit+Down Arrow
Select all characters before the cursorShift+Up ArrowShift+Up Arrow
Copy selected textCtrl+CCommand+C
Paste textCtrl+VCommand+V
Delete textSelect text and press DeleteSelect text and press Delete
Align left—-Select text and press Command+Shift+Left Bracket
Align center—-Select text and press Command+Shift+Backslash
Align right—-Select text and press Command+Shift+Right Bracket
Copy style—-Command+Option+C
Paste style—-Command+Option+V
Show special characters—-Ctrl+Command+Spacebar

PowerPoint Add-In Shortcuts

OptionWindow Shortcut
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