How to Create a Product Walkthrough Video

Follow along as I teach you how to create a product walkthrough video with Camtasia.

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60+ mins

Project Files

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Here’s What We Will Make


Welcome to this series on “How to Create a Product Walkthrough Video.”

Step 1: The Script


We’ll cover:

  1. Writing your script
  2. Choosing a presentation style
  3. Setting up your project
Download Project Files: Product_Walkthrough_Project.libzip (to use in Camtasia)
Download Script Template: PDF or Word Doc

Step 2: Camera & Lighting


We’ll cover:

  1. Getting good audio
  2. Lighting your on-camera presence
  3. Different camera video options

Step 3: Build Rapport with an Intro


We’ll cover:

  1. Finding your voice
  2. Using your phone as a second camera
  3. Recording intros

Step 4: Title Sequence


We’ll cover:

  1. Syncing a secondary camera with a clap
  2. Fading in intro video
  3. Corner rounding
  4. Lower thirds
  5. Adding sound FX

Step 5: Recording the Bulk of Your Content


We’ll cover:

  1. Prepping your desktop and surroundings for a recording
  2. Using a teleprompter
  3. Additional tips for being great on screen

Step 6: Polishing the Production


We’ll cover:

  1. Removing filler
  2. Grouping
  3. Custom animations and grids
  4. Video backdrops
  5. Annotations
  6. Tips on leveling volume
  7. Removing mouth noise
  8. Transitions

Step 7: Bells & Whistles


We’ll cover:

  1. Adding music and sound FX
  2. Drop shadows
  3. Overdubbing narration
  4. Exporting (RGB reminder)

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Eddie Grey

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