How to Make an Intro for a Video

Follow along as we teach you how take a template intro, customize it to fit your style, and then save it to use across any project.

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30-60 min

Project Files

Download (28mb)

Here’s What We Will Make


Key Details:
All project files are provided for download at the top of the page and if you do not have Camtasia, download a free trial below.

Step 1: Download the IntroProject.libzip


Key Details:
• Download the IntroProject.libzip file if you haven’t already
• Create a new library
• Import the IntroProject.libzip into that new library


Key Details:
• Add the Intro onto the timeline
• Click the + sign on the “Intro-Gradient” on the timeline
• Click the + sign on the sub-group “Left Logo”
• Choose a logo from the library and drag it on top of the logo on the timeline (click-hold-and-drag)
• Choose Ripple Replace

Step 3: Edit the Colors


Key Details:
• On the timeline, select the Intro-Gradient and the properties window should appear
• Using the color picker, change the color for the center line and the background
• If you don’t want a background gradient, choose the same color for both BG1 & BG2

Step 4: Edit the Text


Key Details:
• In the properties window, type in new text, change the font, size and color
• NOTE: If you enter the text and it doesn’t change in the preview, hit the tab key
• To change the horizontal and vertical spacing, open the Intro and go into the “Right Text” subgroup

Step 5:  Save the Intro to the Library


Key Details:
• Add a recording to the timeline from the library
• Add the Outro to the timeline
• Select the Intro on the Timeline
    o Edit the properties for the Intro
    o Rename the Intro and Save to the Library

Step 6:  Atmospheric Effect


Key Details:
• Select the Intro from the timeline and click the + sign
• Open the subgroup (with the + sign) “2 Color Gradient v3”
• Open the subgroup (with the + sign) “2 Color Gradient v1”
• From the Library, drag down the Cloud video
• In the properties window, change the opacity

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Troy Stein

Troy is the Vice President of Customer Advocacy here at TechSmith. He has held multiple roles since joining in 2002, and prior to TechSmith, Troy launched a software company and was a program manager at Cisco Systems. His passions are developing products to solve real-word problems, and, of course, video creation and editing!