Edit Mistakes From Your Video

Cut out mistakes and remove unwanted parts of your video using Knowmia's online video editor.

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Edit Media with Knowmia

Knowmia has a video editor to help remove mistakes in your videos. To get started click Edit Media below the video on the watch page.

Edit Media tab

Two Options to Edit

To edit a video and preserve captions, quizzes, comments, and audio description tracks, choose Edit a Copy > Copy and Edit. Note: this will create a new link to this video.

To edit a video and preserve the original video link choose Edit this Video > Edit. Note: this removes captions, comments, and audio description tracks for the video.

Edit Media options

Remove a Section of Video

Click the Play button to watch your video and locate sections to remove. Use the Playhead to jump to a section to edit. When you find a section to remove, drag the red or green handle to make a selection or use the Set buttons.

Use the green and red set buttons to select a section of the video

Click Cut to remove the selection, and a marker will be visible where the cut was made. 

Undo a Mistake while Editing

To undo the last edit you made, click the Undo button. To undo all edits and start over, click the Restore Original Video button.

Save Your Edits

To leave the Video Editor and keep the changes you made, click Save & Exit. When all edits are complete, click Publish. The watch page is updated with the new video.